The Sun

the sun

It takes the Sun a whole year to complete its cycle through the wheel of the zodiac.  Every month it transits from one sign to the next in our astrological wheel.  As the Sun enters a new zodiac sign, we are being bombarded with a new energy.  Every month we will be impacted differently, according to whatever sign the Sun is in.

How is it possible that something so far away can ripple through space and time and affect us all the way down here?  Scientific studies have found that our body’s electromagnetic energy field is impacted in less than 10 seconds by a solar flare.  It affects us on a subtle energetic level.  Many of us are not even aware of it.  Some of us do feel something but just don’t know what it is or where it came from.  As the saying goes… “As Above So Below”.  For thousands of years people of all cultures have mapped the stars and the sky, learning to read the signs.  They understood the importance of being aligned with the Universe and the use of knowing this ancient Art.

The Sun is the very essence and energy of life.  It is the giver of life.  It represents our conscious mind in Astrology.  It represents our will to live and our creative life force.  It is the manifestation of will, power, and desire.  The sun has an affect on our overall vitality and affects us on a communal level.  Every month, as the Sun moves into a different sign of the zodiac, it points in the direction of what we should be focusing on depending on that specific energy.  It lights up our sky, lighting the way for us, gently guiding us through the year.

sunConnecting to the Sun will offer a farther reaching answer.  The Sun affects our mental and physical state.  It affects our human consciousness.  Studies conducted in Russia  discovered that solar geomagnetic activity affects our moods, behavior patterns, creativity, and trends.  The solar flares and photon waves are changing the very fabric of our reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical level.  While it may affect each of us a bit differently from one sign to the next, a general mood prevails during each transit.


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