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A couple of years ago I started approaching my health from a holistic aspect.  I began understanding the connection between how crucial it is for the mind, body, and  soul to be in a state of  harmony. Curious in nature I began exploring the possibilities, asking questions, and reaching new heights in consciousness. My journey has led me to some pretty amazing experiences and people.  My awakening in consciousness and personal quest to establish a stronger and closer relationship with the Universe has led me down an insightful ride picking up information on spiritual teachings, shamanic teachings, nature magick, the holographic field, and learning more about the brain and how it operates.  I want to share that which I have learned,  found to be practical, and life changing for me.  So that in turn, it might help somebody else out along their journey, as seekers of  the truth.  I share practical ways to introducing and incorporating earth friendly alternatives and creative ideas for every day living.

My mission is to empower people to be more of their authentic selves. First you have to clear yourself, next clean yourself, and then create healthier habits. I teach people the techniques and  benefits of making their own transformation in the most simple and direct way possible, in all aspects of their life.  I hold workshops, give presentations, and organize events, with some pretty impressive people, to provide you the skills, knowledge, and tools to make it happen effortlessly.  I hope to connect with you soon and send you the blessings, strength, courage, and the peace you will need along your ever unfolding journey.

 Leave a comment below to contact me about attending workshops, classes, and events.

Or you may contact me at Sunhealers@gmail.com

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