Antiviral and Immune system capsules

With everything that is going on and the more that people are becoming informed due to the Corona virus pandemic, we have expanded our curiosity to using natural remedies for healing purposes. Sunheaners Apothecary has several immune system and anti-viral remedies.  Our Antiviral blend is made with consideration for people who suffer from immune system  challenges.  There are many herbs for many different or similar purposes.

Elderberry is superb for boosting the immune system and removing mucus from the body but is  not recommended for people who have asthma or immune system illnesses.  Out of our two immune system products we would recommend our antiviral blend which is made from herbs which support the immune system and also assist the body’s defense against viruses such as oregano, burdock root, lemon balm, plantain and olive leaf.

Oregano and olive leaf are great for boosting the immune system and fighting against viruses.  Plantain is an antiviral which may be used against dry coughs. Lemon balm is a good defense against viral loads.  Burdock root is an antioxidant which removes toxins from the blood.

As you may know, when dealing with viruses it is important to strengthen the immune system so that the body can heal itself, in time.  That is why our antiviral blend is formulated to boost the immune system and assist the body’s defense against viruses.  Viruses have many names: flu, cold, chickenpox/shingles, corona virus, Epstein-bar, SARS, etc… Many problems such as gastroenteritis and rotovirus infection are from viruses. Try incorporating our Antiviral blend with your health regiment.  Always consult with your doctor of course.

Choose your favorite way to get it down, whether it is a liquid herbal extract blend, tea mix or capsules.  Herbal extracts are great for children.  You can mask it in 2 oz. of juice, water or smoothie.  Our tea blend is great for a warm cup of theraputic tea that anybody including grandma can enjoy. Add lemon and honey or stevia for sweetness if that is your cup of tea. Capsules are great as well especially if on the go.  Each capsule is 750 mg.

Tea mix is $15      Herbal Extract $23      Capsules $33