Money Magnetizing Meetup

Money Pot 3


March Money Pot


I recently started a Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup for this year.  2015 in numerology is an 8 year.  8 is attributed with power, money, success, and wealth.  When two or more people come together to hold an intention for something the power is heightened.  I invite you to listen in and participate in our Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup where we will combine our focused intention to create and draw more money into our lives.  This is the year to tap into wealth and success codes and give yourself an opportunity to expand your financial situation.  If you want to know more check out my Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup page where you can find the link to the recorded audios.  For more classes, workshops, and events look to the calendar for times and schedule.  Now is the time for inspired action….GO!



Illumination Circle


You are invited to a circle for inspiration and illumination for your next step to living an elevated life!  

  •  Are you ready for the answers to move you UP and forward in your life?
  • Are you stuck & ready for a breakthrough to live your brilliance?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the power this year holds to create your desires?
  • Are you ready to walk through the portal of greater possibilities?


This year we are blessed with alchemy and magic as wands & tools for transformation.  There will be an opportunity for breakthroughs on demand depending on how ready you are to surrender what’s been holding you down or stuck in a loop pattern.

As powerful Creators we release the old and discover new paths and design new templates for our new dreams.  This dynamic time allows us more than ever before to be illuminated with divine light for guidance to walk our most sacred journey.

There will be a special topic for Inspiration to elevate your Soul then Imelda will Illuminate your questions or challenges with multi-dimensional transmission & channeling.  Enjoy the high frequency energies of the room and your bandwidth of consciousness will expand.

Get inspired and elevated through this high frequency circle, come with a question to living your highest potential, moving through challenges & unknown, how to thrive in the current new higher frequency energies, to opportunities you are being presented with.

For more info about Imelda & circle click here: arcillia

Intention for this circle is that everyone will receive what they need whether it’s answers, healing, clearing, support, expansion, elevation for your next level of adventure! 

 Bring a friend to share the High Frequency Illumination!*

Cost is $30.00

Valentine’s day 2015

Valentine's day Valentine 2015 Valentine baking

Follow Sunhealers on Instagram and Pintrest for more craft and DIY ideas.  A place where it’s okay to be creative no matter how silly it seems.  I’m no Martha Stewart but I do enjoy expressing my creativity.

DIY Halloween



Celebrating Halloween all year long!!  Pics, Ideas, DIY, and so much more.

Enter at your own risk!

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Gluten-Free Candy, as of March 2013

D.I.Y. Halloween

See the original article here, by Jane Anderson, Guide

Each year, it seems like more manufacturers identify candy as gluten-free, widening the choices for candy-loving kids and parents alike. As of March 2013, those who follow a gluten-free diet have numerous choices, including various long-time kid favorites such as Nestle’s Butterfinger candy bars and Jelly Belly jelly beans.

It’s always possible to find gluten-free specialty candies, such as the gluten-free, vegan gummy bears available from Let’s Do Organic and the gluten-free, low-sugar fudge sold by Diabetic Direct. But since your neighbors likely will pass out more mainstream treats on Halloween night, it’s helpful to know which ones are safe.

Here are the latest U.S. gluten-free lists of candies as of March 2013, plus links to manufacturers’ websites.

However, please remember to use these lists only as a guide, since ingredients and formulas can change at any time. In…

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Halloween Party games

D.I.Y. Halloween


Doing some Halloween shopping at Target I found these Halloween games.  I got them for the boys to play with this year.

 I found:

  • A bean bag toss game through a cardboard pumpkin.
  • A Halloween Bingo game.
  • A Spin & Stretch, a Twister type game.
  • A Pin the nose on the Pumpkin game.
  • A Web Splat game.
  • They also had a Mummy Bowling game which I opted not to get this time.

My nephew and niece slept over last night so we brought this out.  The kids had such a great time playing.  The Spin and Stretch was very amusing for the older ones (6-8) This was an investment well worth it. It was only big enough for 2 players to use at a time I would say, so we took turns playing with big kids then the little kids. They all enjoyed the Web Splat game.  You throw…

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Star of David Alignment

star of david



The Star of David is occurring this month on July 29. This aspect is extremely rare and is considered one of the most positive aspects there is. The ancients associated it with the birth of a king.  Because of the certain planet alignments there are gonna be in this particular order it affects us down here in several ways such as a close friends or family members back into our lives, or soul contracts that were left unresolved . Carrying  an emotional imprint we have dealt with for so long back to it’s source. Cancer is the force of cardinal water and a mastering our moods. Learning to evolve with dependency issues our reactions to things. This is supposed to shake rattle and roll us to new ideas.

There are 2 people who are offering amazing courses on how to work with the energy of the Star of David.

Michelle Grace Lessirard, she is a well known astrologer and a business coach who is hosting and alignment workshop to tune in to these energies and learn how to work with them.  Maureen St. Germaine is hosting a workshop on how to make a new contract with the Universe.

Spaghetti Sponge


This is a really cool item.  The Spaghetti sponge.  It’s  all natural sponges made from peach pits for light scrubbing or corn cobs made for heavy duty scrubbing.  They are reusable and last longer then traditional sponges and leave no smell or rust.  Plus there is lack of bacteria or mold and you use less soap with them.  Why not give these a try?  They are great for removing stains and can be used to clean the grill, cookware and even peel off the skin from vegetables.  Woah!!  That’s awesome!  To learn more about these amazing all natural sponges or where to get your own check out

Chemtrail Detox Mist


Chemtrails 2

Geo Engineers have patented and implemented plans for dumping tons of aluminium, barium, and other heavy metals toxins into the sky, all over the world. Clearly different from contrails, chemtrails  spread out into a haze the covers the sky, generally in front of or in the direction of the sun.Look up and you may see the weird stripes in the sky that spread out in to a white haze rather than dissipate like normal airplane contrails do. 

Noone wants to think someone is spraying toxic chemicals in to our skies, but they really are!

Made with high grade essential oils including grapefruit and peppermint, blended with Pink Himalayan salt.   This Detox Mist can be used daily 6x’s a day and every time you go outside for 30 minutes or more and see spraying in the sky to protect your health.Chemtrails 4

You can snatch this amazing product at


Tower Garden

Tower-Garden-PictureDid you know that organic may not be what we have been led to believe? Truth is, they are still using undetected chemicals to alter and manipulate the food  labeled as “Organic”.  Not to mention the ridiculous prices they  are being sold for.  Aren’t you fed up with the outrageous prices of food now a days?  Do you get anxiety food shopping as the cashier is wringing up your groceries?  Are you ready to do something about it right now?  Look no further because I have some exciting news for you!

Check out the Tower Garden, an aeroponic growing system which allows you the comfort and freedom of growing your own food, without all the hard and laborious work or any extra time.  Yep, it’s really true!  With our busy schedules now a days it isn’t reasonable for everybody to have the time to invest in gardening.  Not to mention if you live in an apartment; You  may be feeling that you do not have the adequate space to do so.  Well, think again…The  Tower Garden  is a self- supporting system that stands vertically and is set on a timer to water the plants every 15 minutes.
tower garden 3

Hearing the water flowing can be very relaxing and watching your own food growing is very theraputic.  You can grow a variety of 20  plants and with each extension allowing you to grow 8 more.  Because it is an aeroponic system the plants will grow much faster and be readily available to be eaten much sooner than conventional gardening and with less bugs to worry about.   You will also be getting the optimal nutritious benefits from eating vine ripened food as food loses some of its nutritional value every day after being picked.  You may choose to purchase the system up front or pay with very reasonable and affordable payment plans.

tower_garden_shadow Your prayers have been heard and the answer is here.  Reduce your carbon foot print and grow an array of fruits, herbs, and vegetables right outside your back door.   Truth is, you can not guarantee anything is organic unless you grow it yourself and you can not guarantee that anything hasn’t been genetically modified unless you use heirloom seeds.

To learn more about the Tower Garden,  log on to

To learn more about organic food and what you can do about i, check out or also

Where to buy heirloom seeds go to EON Seed Bank at

If you have any questions or are interested in getting your own Tower Garden you may contact me at


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