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Valentine’s day 2015

Valentine's day Valentine 2015 Valentine baking

Follow Sunhealers on Instagram and Pintrest for more craft and DIY ideas.  A place where it’s okay to be creative no matter how silly it seems.  I’m no Martha Stewart but I do enjoy expressing my creativity.

Star Wars Father’s Day gift

Father's day Star wars

I got this idea off of a pic I saw as I was browsing through google images of DIY Father”s day gifts.  As usual, I always begin with what I already had around the house to use.  And this time, I just so happened to have  everything I needed.  My man is a big Star Wars fan.  We have tons of Lego Star Wars characters from previous lego sets attained.  It’s fun sometimes, learning to improvise with what you have on hand.

What I used:

  • A square gift box that I had lying around from Christmas.
  • Black paint
  • tan and white construction paper
  • Black sharpie, fine point.
  • super glue
  • Lego Star Wars characters
  • glue
  • scissors

What I did:

  1. First, I painted the gift box black.
  2. I then cut the construction papers the size of the lid.
  3. Afterwards, I cut out a square inside the tan construction paper.
  4. Then I glued the tan construction paper onto the white sheet of paper.
  5. After it dried, I glued the papers onto the back of the lid.
  6. I shoved the lid inside the gift box.
  7. Afterwards, I super glued the Star Wars characters inside the square in the middle.
  8. Then I used the black sharpie to write “May the force be with you”, on the bottom of the square just below all the characters.

star wars gift 2

Mini Father’s Day Zen garden

mini zen garden

So for Father’s day this year I wanted to step it up a bit.  Last year was my first time experimenting with DIY Father’s day gifts and it was eh…  You see, it can be really simple making gifts.  You just have to allow for the creativity to flow and  be led by inspiration.  Well, at least that’s how it works for me.  Looking through one of my drawers, where I keep a bunch of stuff that might come in handy for crafting later, I found a shoe box.  I took the lid out and examined it for a bit.   “I know what I can make with this”, I thought.  The size is perfect for a mini zen garden.   So instantly I looked up on google images of DIY zen gardens.  After I got the general idea, I started looking around the house to see what I already had or what I needed to get in order to make it.  I already had most of the stuff on hand, only needing to get a few items. As I was out one day I stumbled upon these rocks that would be perfect and which were free.  The only thing  had to buy was the mini bench.

        Mini Zen garden

          What I used:

  • mini skewers
  • large skewers
  • hot glue
  • sand
  • smooth rocks
  • fake moss
  • a cap
  • mini bench
  • lid to shoe box
  • brown paint

                                 What I did:

  1. I painted the lid to the shoe box.
  2. I used the large and small skewers to make the wooden rake.  I broke a piece off the large skewer and hot glued it on horizontally at one of the ends.
  3.  I broke the small skewer in 1/2″ pieces and glued that on to the horizontal part of the on the skewer.
  4. I used the cap of a spray paint to hot glue fake moss onto.
  5. I filled the bottom of the lid with sand.
  6. Placed the rocks and bench in position and raked the sand to make a design.

mini zen garden 2

Baby Chick craft


Another easy Spring or Easter craft to do with younger kids. =)

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper (2 yellow and an orange)
  • craft eyes or a black marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

What to do:

  1. Draw a large egg shape using the yellow construction paper then cut it out.  This will be the body of the chick.
  2. Draw the legs using the orange construction paper.
  3. Cut out the legs and glue them onto the body.
  4. Trace your child’s hands using the other yellow sheet of construction paper.  These will be the wings.
  5. Cut out the wings and glue them onto the body.
  6. Draw a small diamond shape using the orange construction paper.  Trace an inner diamond using your pencil.  This will be the outline of the beak.
  7. Cut out the beak and only glue the bottom half of the diamond to the face,
  8. Fold the top half of the diamond down to make the beak so that it can open and close.
  9. Glue the craft eyes to the face or using your black marker just draw them.

Easter Wheatgrass Baskets

wheatgrass Easter basketsdecorated easter baskets

This year we are growing Wheatgrass in the kids Easter basket.  It is a fun Spring homeschool project for my son.  First we learned about the soil before learning about how plants grow.  Not only is it very active and educating activity for them but it can help relax the kids when they get close to nature like that.  It’s never too early to teach your kids about nature.  It takes about a week to complete this project from start to finish.

What you’ll need:

  • Easter basket
  • plastic of some kind to line the bottom (plastic gift wrapping, plastic bag)
  • Soil
  • Spray bottle
  • Container for soaking seeds
  • paper towels
  • wheatgrass seeds
  • plastic tray to go underneath the baskets so the water does not leak out.
  • Azomite

What to do:

  1. Prepare the baskets.
  2. Place the baskets on top of the plastic tray to catch the water that will leak out.
  3. Line the bottom of the inside of the basket with plastic of some sort so the soil does not come out.  You can use clear or colored plastic gift wrap or a plastic shopping bag.
  4. Put an inch thick of soil inside the basket.
  5. Spray Azomite over the top of the soil to add nutrients to the soil.
  6. First, rinse the seeds out a couple of times.
  7. Then immerse the seeds in a container with water and soak them overnight.  This will start the germinating process.
  8. The next day spread a layer of wheatgrass seeds all over the soil, making sure every area is covered with soil.  By this time, the seeds will have sprouted.
  9. Fold 3 layers of paper towels, really absorbent like Bounty, on top of the seeds.
  10. Water through the paper towels until you see the water coming out of the basket.  The paper towels will help keep the moisture in and also keep it dark.
  11. Make sure the paper towels stay wet for the next 3 days.  You will have to water through the paper towels about once a day for the next 3 days, depending on how hot the climate is where you live.  Keep the baskets inside the house during this period of time.
  12. After the 3 days are up, you may remove the paper towels.
  13. Fill up your spray bottle and Spray the wheatgrass, which has already begun to grow.
  14. Place the baskets in an area where they will receive indirect sunlight.
  15. Keep the wheatgrass moist by spraying it during the day.  It will depend how many times you have to spray depending on the climate where you live.
  16. In a couple of days you can start decorating the baskets.
  17. After the wheatgrass gets 6″ – 7″ tall you can cut it and juice it.

easter basket


Paper plate Bunny


This is an easy peasy Spring time or Easter craft to do with younger kids.  You don’t really need that much materials but they will enjoy making it.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • construction paper (pink, white, green, orange)
  • craft eyes
  • craft materials for the nose and cheeks but you can use cotton balls if you do not have them
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • pink marker

What to do:

  1. Cut out a circle for using the pink construction paper for the tummy of the bunny and glue it on.
  2. Using the second paper plate cut out the circle on the inside, this will be the head.  Glue it on.
  3. Use the edges of the plate to cut out in the shape of the ears and glue them onto the head.
  4. Draw the arms and legs using the white construction paper and glue them to the body.
  5. Draw and cut out a carrot using the orange construction paper.
  6. Draw and cut out the top of the carrot using the green construction paper and glue it on to the carrot.
  7. Glue the finished carrot onto one of the arms to look like it is holding it.
  8. Use the pink marker to color in the inside of the bunny’s ears.
  9. Glue on the nose using craft materials or cotton.
  10. Glue the craft eyes above the nose.
  11. Draw the whiskers using the black marker.

Balloon Spring Eggs

spring eggsSpring Solstice Eggs

This is a very fun project to do with the kids once they are old enough to blow up balloons and get a handle on wrapping the yarn around.  We filled up the balloons with all kinds of stuff.  Some had glow sticks so that they glow at night, others had glitter, and some had round beads for noisemakers for the little kids.  It sure was messy.  A couple balloons popped in the process but we sure did have a blast making them and the finished product looks great by the front door.

What you’ll need:

  • small balloons
  • small funnel
  • yarn
  • filler for the inside but not required(glitter, round beads, glow sticks, etc.)

What to do:

1. Put the filler in using the small funnel, if you are using glitter or beads.  Not necessary for the glow sticks.
2.  Blow the small balloons up all the way and seal it.
3.  Wrap the yarn around the balloon numerous times then tie it to the end at the knot.

Holiday card



This was a holiday card project my son worked on, which I ended up helping him  with the finishing touches.  His grandmother was going on a short trip up north to visit an aunt.  We put this together scrounging up the last bit of material we had left;  construction paper, ribbons, bedazzeled, seasons greetings, and holiday quotes….  A simple card  with a heartfelt message.  Hope your holiday season has been as spectacular as mine has been this year.

Old Fashioned Christmas


Thank you to my very good friend who showed us how to do this oldie but goodie Christmas activity.  Jose had so much fun stringing the cranberries, marshmallows, and popcorn through the needle and thread.  I honestly had never done his before.  I can’t believe how easy it was and how entertaining it ended up being.  We hung it up around our Christmas tree afterwards, of course.  *Christmas 2013 has truly been magical.*

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