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It’s been a while since I posted anything.  I have been missing in action.  Life tends to take you in different directions at times.  Sunhealers has come a long way since I started and it has transformed into more then I had expected when I initially started.  It has now morphed into two branches: Sunhealers Apothecary and Kitchen Witch Realm. Sunhealers Apothecary sells herbal extracts, wellness capsules and tea blends for natural health and wellness support along with certain health services like foot detox and magnesium foot soaks.  Kitchen Witch Realm is more the spiritual and magickal stuff selling smudge kits, incense blends,  annointed oils and vibrational mists, ceremony candles and charms aling with spiritual services like oracle card readings and clearings.  Also how to heal yourself in the kitchen with food.

Content on this site will be geared towards health and wellness.  Learn about our products and the how they work. Now more than ever we are realizing how much better natural forms of healing can be on our bodies.

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Things to do while Sun is in Gemini

gemini twins

The sign Gemini is a lighthearted sign that influences us to be more open and communicative and to try new things.  It encourages us to be more sociable, intellectual, and curious.  Each sun transit prevails a general mood and we are motivated differently with each zodiac sign.

Things to do while the Sun is in Gemini:

  • Write a letter
  • Speak in public
  • Share your truth or point of view
  • Initiate new friendships
  • Take a short trip
  • Do a nervous system cleanse or meditations to balance and repair the nervous system
  • Try new things…try a lot of different things
  • Reading
  • Learning, studying, gathering facts
  • Put your heads together to brainstorm new concepts
  • Devise new was to apply knowledge you already have
  • Invent new solutions to old problems
  • Sharing your ideas and what you have learned
  • Establish connections and interact with others
  • Reach out to your friends
  • Open your mind to another’s point of view
  • Accept as many invitations as you get and meet as many new people as you can
  • Satisfy your need to know with trips to the library
  • Take in a lecture or class at a local community college
  • Shop for anything that will engage the mind or allow you to communicate, such as books, computers, iPads, pretty stationary…
  • If you find yourself to be too much in your head try a relaxing activity that will get you out of your head, such as exercise, watching silly TV programs or just keeping your hands and body busy.

Money Magnetizing Meetup

Money Pot 3


March Money Pot


I recently started a Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup for this year.  2015 in numerology is an 8 year.  8 is attributed with power, money, success, and wealth.  When two or more people come together to hold an intention for something the power is heightened.  I invite you to listen in and participate in our Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup where we will combine our focused intention to create and draw more money into our lives.  This is the year to tap into wealth and success codes and give yourself an opportunity to expand your financial situation.  If you want to know more check out my Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup page where you can find the link to the recorded audios.  For more classes, workshops, and events look to the calendar for times and schedule.  Now is the time for inspired action….GO!


Illumination Circle


You are invited to a circle for inspiration and illumination for your next step to living an elevated life!  

  •  Are you ready for the answers to move you UP and forward in your life?
  • Are you stuck & ready for a breakthrough to live your brilliance?
  • Do you want to take advantage of the power this year holds to create your desires?
  • Are you ready to walk through the portal of greater possibilities?


This year we are blessed with alchemy and magic as wands & tools for transformation.  There will be an opportunity for breakthroughs on demand depending on how ready you are to surrender what’s been holding you down or stuck in a loop pattern.

As powerful Creators we release the old and discover new paths and design new templates for our new dreams.  This dynamic time allows us more than ever before to be illuminated with divine light for guidance to walk our most sacred journey.

There will be a special topic for Inspiration to elevate your Soul then Imelda will Illuminate your questions or challenges with multi-dimensional transmission & channeling.  Enjoy the high frequency energies of the room and your bandwidth of consciousness will expand.

Get inspired and elevated through this high frequency circle, come with a question to living your highest potential, moving through challenges & unknown, how to thrive in the current new higher frequency energies, to opportunities you are being presented with.

For more info about Imelda & circle click here: arcillia

Intention for this circle is that everyone will receive what they need whether it’s answers, healing, clearing, support, expansion, elevation for your next level of adventure! 

 Bring a friend to share the High Frequency Illumination!*

Cost is $30.00

Valentine’s day 2015

Valentine's day Valentine 2015 Valentine baking

Follow Sunhealers on Instagram and Pintrest for more craft and DIY ideas.  A place where it’s okay to be creative no matter how silly it seems.  I’m no Martha Stewart but I do enjoy expressing my creativity.

5 Acts of self-love =)

Love….we say it all the time but do we actually know what it means?  Too often we confuse attention for love and when the attention is gone so is the love.  We’ve gone through some things, were raised with pain, and didn’t receive the qualities we needed to set us up for a successful life, sound mind, and a strong heart.   Carrying our old wounds day after day; shoving them deeper and deeper so we don’t have to look at them.  I know…. Unfortunately though, they never go away and the hurt only gets worse….unless, you do something about it.  So instead of spending the energy we are now using to mask the problem, instead try re-directing it towards the solution.  Everybody’s problems are different but the solution is always the same.  LOVE heals all wounds, in time and the best love is our own.  Don’t wait for somebody else to love you because you must first learn to love yourself.heart

  1. Forgiveness:  First and foremost you must forgive yourself before you can forgive those involved.   This may not be a one time thing…it may be something you may mentally have to repeat on a daily basis until you no longer have to.  We can lighten the load a bit when we remove the emotional energy that is tied to it…guilt, anger, disappointment, fear, humiliation…you get the picture.  Whether it’s a simple prayer, affirmations, or using the hoponono technique.  Think about the situation and how it makes or made you feel; once you can put a name on the emotion you clear it by saying these phrases…  “I thank you”, “I love you”, “I bless you”, “Please forgive me”.   Then to bless it just say…”I thank you”, “I bless you”, “I love you”.  Repeat the clearing phrases until you feel at peace about it and then say the blessing phrases until it feels appropriate to stop.  Your body knows… don’t think about it, just do it.
  2. Spend more time doing what you love or makes you happy:  Sounds easy but it is actually one of the hardest things for us adults to do.  We even get mad at our kids when they are overflowing with joy by just doing what makes them happy.  Ironic isn’t it?  What makes you happy?  What would you rather be doing if you didn’t have all these responsibilities or obligations? Got it..good; now give yourself permission to do it. It may be that you have to wake up 15 mins. earlier or give up one of your usual activities or habits for the day, an hour, 15 mins…whatever it may be…for an even better one.  For me personally, it means that I have to incorporate my activities during the day with my kids, being a stay at home mom.  If you get too caught up on waiting for the right opportunity to do something then that time may never come.  Another day escapes you, leaving you to question where the day went and what the heck you spent your time on all day long.  One action sends a ripple effect in our cosmic pool and before you know it you will be magnetizing more and more of them.milk and petals
  3. Pamper yourself:  Take the time to nurture your body.  Whether it means getting a massage or a pedicure, seeing the chiropractor an acupuncturist…treat yourself royally.  And for those of us who’s budget doesn’t include that, you can easily take a half hour to make yourself a relaxing bath, soak your feet, or even just to take a nap.  There are plenty of tips and recipes on this blog on making your own spa treatments.  Love your body and your body will love you back.  Not only will it put you at ease but it will shift the energy around you and put you in a better mood.
  4. Mirror work:  This is  a tough one for some but very gratifying indeed.  All too often we are ashamed or unhappy with ourselves not giving ourselves enough credit.  We revel in our weaknesses and failures and hardly ever praise our successes and strengths.  I say no matter how big or small they may be, acknowledge them and give yourself a pat on the back.  Love yourself for who you are and how you are.  Accept your shadow side or your not so perfect qualities and be o.k. with it and with you.  Practice looking in the mirror and saying good things about yourself.  Be bold, cry if you have to….let it out, it’s o.k.  The more you do this, the easier it will become and the more your self-love will grow.
  5. Doll yourself up:    Lets face it our appearance says a lot, not just to us but to other people as well.  Often times we only wear our nice clothes, do our hair, or put on some perfume and make-up when we have somewhere to go.  It  makes us look good and we feel good looking in the mirror, all dazzled up.  But why wait till you have somewhere to go to look and feel like that.  We shouldn’t need a reason or event to get all dolled up for the day or night.  Have fun with yourself and walk around your house like you’re the bomb, because you know you are.  Who knows where you might end up for the night or who may come over.

Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving gratitude8

Breast Cancer Prevention

Entities and Energies

Learn more about ghosts and what they really are.


ghosts 1

Everyone should get a smudging done every once in a while.   Getting a smudging done is considered to be kind of  like a “spiritual house cleaning”.  It is advisable to get a clearing done to move any heavy, negative, or stagnant energy, after you have been depressed, experienced grief, anger for some time, sick, had a really bad argument with somebody, or even after you have been aroundsomebody who is angry, depressed, or sick. The energy may get stuck making it unable to move freely or you can even pick up negative(heavy) energy or entities from people, places, surgery, drugs, and even objects.  There are 4 basic kinds of energies or entities which we are familiar with, being  either internal (your own creations) or external (that come from outside of you and have attached themselves to you or even one of your own personal entity).

  1. Personal Entity:  An…

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Enhance your sex drive naturally

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