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From Kitchen to Beauty:       $6.00
spa face cake
 A must have instructional guide to making and using household kitchen essentials such as vinegar, lemons, baking soda, peroxide, coconut oil, and honey into all natural and amazing beautifying techniques, applications, and solutions for your every day needs. Learn how to use simple ingredients as a more natural and safer way to keep you looking and staying  more beautiful.  You will be able to go home, open up your kitchen cupboard and whisk away soothing skin care remedies.

From Kitchen to Health:       $6.00kitchen to health page image 2

A helpful guide to using your most basic kitchen staples such as vinegar, lemons, baking soda, peroxide, coconut oil, and honey for all natural and powerful remedies in aiding, relieving and fighting-off a variety of ailments to treat all sorts of health conditions. Learn the art of creating ancient healthful medicine of the Earth.

Dirty Dozen in your Cupboard:       $3.00toxic-cleaner

A guide with everything you need to know about the dangers in your household cleaning products and how they affect your health and the environment.  You will learn what words to look out for when shopping for supplies and healthier alternatives to use instead and an introduction to making your own.

Check the calendar for scheduled dates and pop up events. I can also travel and come to you if you are interested in hosting a party or a special event.  Just contact me at


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