Taste of the Seasons

seasons to celebrate

Celebrating the Seasons

This is a time for celebration and a time to enjoy the company of other like-minded individuals.  Learn about the Nature holidays celebrated throughout the world from the oldest of times.  The cycles of nature are a time for reflection within ourselves.  Being aware of how to tune in to these energies connects you to the Earth and it’s organic flow. Learn about the energies that will be present during this event and how to tap into it, use it, and apply it to your life. Partake in meaningful guided rituals and delight in a tasting of the food of the season.  This is a time to refresh the spirit and enjoy yourself for the night….=)

These events will usually begin at 3 p.m. and will last through the night.  

 Check the Calendar to learn more information and upcoming events.

Upcoming Event:  


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