Sun Meditation

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Each Month the sun transitions into a different zodiac sign.  Doing this, changes the energetic frequencies monthly.  Certain areas are being highlited and we may be activated in different ways each month. The sun is the giver of life.  It affects our mental and physical state and affects our human consciousnessWhile it may affect each of us a bit differently from one sign to the next, a general mood prevails during each transit.

We will learn about the  solar energies of the month and be guided into a sun meditation.  Using tarot cards we will allow the cosmic energies to speak to us and be open to whatever messages cone in.   Meditations are a great way for us to re-connect to our organic selves and allows our soul to speak.  They also provide many health benefits and gives us mental clarity.  Unwind a bit, receive, soak up the sun, and connect to your higher awareness.

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Monday, September 30, 2019



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