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 As Above So Belowastrology image

As the Sun changes Zodiac Signs every month and the planets move around in the atmosphere we are in a continual dance with these celestial bodies.  Learn the energy and mood for every month according to what position the Sun and the planets are in the sky.


Solar and Lunar Influencesun and moon


The Sun and the Moon are always influencing us on a daily basis.  They rule our emotions and will to live.  In our charts they play a pivotal role understanding our very essence at a cellular level.  Dive just a little bit deeper into your personal astrology to know what that really means to you at a fundamental level.


Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetupmoney 2015

2015 is an 8 year in numerology attributed with money, riches, finances, manifesting prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Therefore making it a good year to tap into this energy so you can attract and create more money in your life. We will meetup once a month to focus on doing this as a group to raise a stronger vibration and draw these forces to us.




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