Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup



The numerology number for this year 2015 is that of 8. The number 8 is highly attributed with success, money, riches, finances, personal power, connects spirit and matter, manifesting prosperity, abundance, and wealth, among other things. Therefore making it a good year to tap into this energy so you can attract and create more money in your life. We will meetup once a month to focus on doing this as a group to raise a stronger vibration and draw these forces to us. Let’s do it together and get it right this year.


January should of been the time for you to plant your intentions for money for this year and in February we are establishing our connection to money and the energy of it. In February we came together to enhance your money senses.  In March we will invite the luck of the Irish to create and fill up our good luck and money pots.  In April, we give our money story a reincarnation for a budding new start.  In May we embrace the idea of attracting money effortlessly like flies to honey.  

Log on below to listen to the playback of the Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup series. 


Learn how to connect to the energies of money in February’s Audio.

Learn how to create your own money pot to attract luck & money in March’s Audio.

Money Pot 3

Playback Instructions

Playback Number: (712) 775-7029

Meeting ID: 671-352-470

Reference Number:  (input reference #)
  1. Provide the playback number, meeting ID and reference number to your callers
  2. Callers dial the playback number and enter meeting ID when prompted
  3. The system will then prompt for the reference number
  4. To listen to the most recent recording press the # (hash) key
  5. To listen to the recording online, send out the recording link

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