St. Patrick Day Kid Crafts

PhotoGrid St. Patricks Day Crafts 2015

Toddler Arts and Crafts ideas for St. Patrick’s Day… check out Sunhealers on Instagram for more creativity expression.

Or Pintrest for more colorful St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts.


Paper plate Bunny


This is an easy peasy Spring time or Easter craft to do with younger kids.  You don’t really need that much materials but they will enjoy making it.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • construction paper (pink, white, green, orange)
  • craft eyes
  • craft materials for the nose and cheeks but you can use cotton balls if you do not have them
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • pink marker

What to do:

  1. Cut out a circle for using the pink construction paper for the tummy of the bunny and glue it on.
  2. Using the second paper plate cut out the circle on the inside, this will be the head.  Glue it on.
  3. Use the edges of the plate to cut out in the shape of the ears and glue them onto the head.
  4. Draw the arms and legs using the white construction paper and glue them to the body.
  5. Draw and cut out a carrot using the orange construction paper.
  6. Draw and cut out the top of the carrot using the green construction paper and glue it on to the carrot.
  7. Glue the finished carrot onto one of the arms to look like it is holding it.
  8. Use the pink marker to color in the inside of the bunny’s ears.
  9. Glue on the nose using craft materials or cotton.
  10. Glue the craft eyes above the nose.
  11. Draw the whiskers using the black marker.

Fall Leaf Garland


What you’ll need:

  • yarn or string
  • tape
  • scissors
  • construction paper ( orange, green, yellow, orange, red)
  • pencil

What to do:

  1. Draw and cut out different shapes of Fall leaves and pumpkins using the construction paper.
  2. Fold the stems over the string and tape them on.

Gratitude Tree


  • yellow, brown, orange, red, green, purple construction paper
  • glue
  • pencil
  • scissor

What to do:

  1. Trace and cut out your child’s hands on the orange, yellow, and red construction paper.
  2. Have the child write one thing that they are grateful for inside each hand.
  3. Glue together the purple and green construction paper to make a big sheet.
  4. Draw and cut out the trunk of the tree using the brown construction paper.
  5. Glue on the trunk to the large sheet.
  6. Glue on the hands on top of trunk as the leaves.



20131104_100007-1 20131104_100015-1

You will need:

  • brown construction paper for bodies
  • colored construction paper of all sorts
  • hay
  • markers
  • scissors
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Draw and cut out the scarecrow bodies.
  2. Draw and cut out the clothes for the scarecrows.
  3. Color and decorate the clothes in using the markers.
  4. Draw and cut out the shoes and the hat.
  5. Color them in and decorate.
  6. Glue on the clothes, shoes, and hat to the scarecrows bodies.
  7. Glue on a little bit of hay around the body.  A strip on the arms, feet, neck, and forehead.

Autumn Birthday card


This was grandma’s birthday card this year.  We drew and cut out different shapes of Fall leaves and pumpkins.  We then used glitter pens to color in the leaves to make them more exciting.  We used the green glitter pen to outline the pumpkins.  The next day after they were all dried we glued them onto the folded brown piece of construction paper as the card.

Paper Turkey


You will need:

  • red, orange, yellow, brown construction paper
  • crafts eyes
  • orange pipe cleaner
  • pencil
  • scissor
  • stapler
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Trace your child’s hands using the orange, yellow, and orange construction paper.
  2. Trace your child’s feet using the brown construction paper.
  3. Cut out the hands and feet.
  4. Glue together the feet to make the turkey’s body.
  5. Glue the hands on the body from behind to make the feathers.
  6. Glue on the craft eyes to the body.
  7. Draw and cut out a mouth using the red construction paper.
  8. Draw a small triangle and cut out the beak using the orange construction paper.
  9. Cut the pipe cleaner in half.
  10. Staple the pipe cleaner to the body, as these will be the feet.  Curl them a bit at the end.

Paper plate Spiders

Paper plate spider

I painted 2 paper plates for each spider in black using paint.  I then cut out a smaller circle as the head and glued on a pair of eyes.  I used black and purple strips of construction paper as the legs for one spider and for the other used an orange weed chord that we had lying around in the garage.  I used a hole puncher to make holes in the body and strung through cord that we had in the kitchen.


Halloween wreaths

Orange Halloween wreathGreen Halloween wreath

You will need:

  • paper plates
  • construction paper (black, green, orange, purple)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil

What to do:

  1. Fold the paper plate in half and cut a circle in the center.
  2. Draw out Autumn leaves on the colored construction paper.
  3. Cut out the leaves.
  4. Glue them onto the plate all around.
  5. Color in with markers on any part of the plate that is till covering in white.
  6. If you do not have colored paper just use markers and color them in.

Summer Sun


You will need:

  • a paper plate
  • yellow paint or a yellow marker
  • yellow and orange construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue

What to do:

  1. Paint the paper plate yellow.  If using a marker color it all in.
  2. Trace your child’s hands using the orange and yellow construction paper and cut it out.
  3. Glue them around the plate.


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