Things to do Samhain

pumpkin samhain blessing

There are several things to consider doing during this time of the year.

  1. Take a meditative walk in a natural area near your home.  Experience yourself as part of the Circle of Life and reflect on death and rebirth as being an important part of Nature.
  2. Contemplate on what things have to die in your life so that other areas can live…ex:  habits, relationships, past, guilt, anger, grief, fear….  Then call forth what you want to replace it with.. self-control, positive outcome and future, love, joy, peace, etc….Meditate on it.
  3. Look for signs of death on your nature walk…. fallen leaves, fallen branches, flowers dying,etc..
  4.  You can do a genealogy research.
  5. Ancestors Altar: Gather photographs, heirlooms, and other momentos of deceased family, friends, and companion creatures.   Arrange them on a table, dresser, or other surface.
  6. Prepare a Samhain dinner.  Include a place setting at your table or nearby the altar of any deceased loved one.  Add an offering of each beverage and food being served to the extra place setting.  Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones who come in love to come dine with you.  After the feast, place the contents of the plate and cup outside in a natural location as an offering for your deceased loved ones.  You don’t want them to get to comfortable inside and decide to stay.
  7. Ancestor stories:  Learn about family history.  Contact one or more older relatives and ask them to share memories  of deceased family members.  Record them in some way and later write accounts of what they share.  Share what you have learned and have written with other family members and friend.  Feel free to share any of your favorite stories of the deceased loved ones as well and invite your kids and friends and family to share.
  8. Recall any of the characteristics, strengths, or attributes of your deceased loved ones that you can learn from or admire.  Go around in a circle or perform as a private meditation.
  9. Cemetery Visit:  Visit and tend the gravesite of a loved one at a cemetery.  Call to mind memories and consider ways the loved one continues to live on with you.  Place an offering of fresh flowers, dried herbs, or water.
  10. Do meditations to release the fear of death and just be at peace with it.  Envision when the time comes that it is a graceful and painless experience and you will have left this place fulfilled and happy with the life you have lived.  Where you view it as a transition into a lovely beginning of something wonderful and not just the end.
  11. Do a meditation where you try to contact a deceased loved one for guidance or to be at peace with their passing on.
  12. Divinatory Guidance:  Using Oracle cards, runes, scrying, or some other form of divination, seek and reflect on guidance for the year to come.  Write a summary of your experience and any messages received.  Select something appropriate to act upon and do it!  Give Thanks for the messages received!
  13. Sit outside and just marinate in the Samhain energy.
  14. Meditate on your positive transformation and the positive changes you can do that will promote it.  Make a list.  Look for new habits and things to do or people to hang out with.

blessed samhain quote


Things to do Sun in Scorpio

scorpio trio

  1. Scorpio wants answers and the only way to get to the bottom of things is to ask a lot of questions, keep your eyes open and alert, and pick up your magnifying glass to investigate the mysteries surrounding you.  If you’re wondering about something, now’s the time to find out.
  2. Say something intense and from the heart.  Even though they keep them hidden deep down inside.  Don’t hold back– say something deeply moving to someone you love.
  3. This is also a good time to let go of a secret that you have been holding onto for a while for deep healing to occur.
  4. Secretive Scorpio is known for keeping secrets.. sincerely offer someone to keep their secret as a way to prove to them that they can trust you.
  5. Scorpio is intrigued by the underworld and the unknown, so now is a great time to visit a mystery museum full of peculiarities…a haunted house, magic show or even a walk through the cemetery, to visit loved ones who have passed or just to imagine what type of lives some of the people must have lived.
  6. Indulge Scorpio’s love of mystery and shop for a good spy thriller, a detective movie, or maybe a binocular… who knows what you might see!
  7. Scorpio is calm and cool on the outside but they have a smoldering volcano of emotions buried within that can explode if provoked.  Watch out for feelings of jealousy, obsessive or compulsive behavior and sneaky stuff happening behind your back.  Be mindful of suppressed emotions that can erupt as well.
  8. Scorpio loves passion, sex, and intimacy.  It is deeply loving and very willing to prove it in the bedroom.  This can be a time for intimacy and exposing your most powerful feelings, this is the time to go deep.
  9. Trying new positions in the bedroom can also be fun.  It’s time to stop holding yourself back in the bedroom..Release your inhibition, fear, or doubt in the bed and just trust that you will be loved and approved in all ways.
  10. Buy a sexy pair of underwear or lingerie. Arrange a very special night for you and that special someone to show it off.  Heck, even surprise them by showing up to their door wearing nothing but your most banging shoes, sexy lingerie and a coat, asking for a good time.
  11. Buy a karma sutra book or go to an adult playstore with your special someone to shop or browse.  You don’t necessarily have to buy anything but it is a good way to get to know what your partner would love to try with you and it could spark some imagination and play in the bedroom.
  12. Since Scorpio represents the muddy toxic waters, take this time to spruce up your bathroom.
  13. This could be a good time to end toxic relationships or burn bridges that need to be burned.
  14. You could even detox to release and purge toxicicity from your body.

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Summer Solstice



The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. During the Summer Solstice the energies of light briefly overcome the energies of darkness and the power of the Sun is at its full force.  It marks the beginning of Summer.  For centuries our planet’s movement around the Sun has been observed and celebrated.  Here we celebrate the completion of the cycle that began at the Winter Solstice.  The Summer Solstice is a doorway of the second half of the year, energizing the paths that lead within.

For some pagans this marks the marriage of the God and Goddess and their union as the force that creates the harvest fruits.  This is seen as a very joyous occasion  because by this time the ground had thawed out, warm temperatures had returned, flowers are blooming and the leaves have returned… signs of abundance can be seen everywhere.  Summer is seen as a time of rapid growth, fruitfulness, and abundant awareness.

But the Summer Solstice also holds a much greater spiritual significance.  The Sun has always been symbolic of the highest divinity.  The Summer Solstice represents our Spirit’s ascension to the Divine, the reunion of Self with the Divinity.  The light of the soul shines its brightest over the darkness of the shadow.sun inthe woods

This is the time of enlightment.  The Summer Solstice is an ideal time for you to let go of your ego and old patterns of suppression and focus on what you desire to bring into your life.  It is a portal opening of energy that overwhelms obstruction, blockages, and ego.  This is a time of strength, accomplishment, and achievement.

Before Christianity, Midsummer was thought to be one of the times in the year where magick was the strongest.  It is considered a good night to perform rituals that could change the future.  Midsummer is a supercharged time physically and emotionally, which makes it ideal for making resolutions to:  kickstart new habits, strengthen human relationships, and let go of negativity.  Now is the time to create daily habits that will be hardwired into lifestyle changes that will keep your spirits afloat as the days become shorter.

fire spellThis is a good time for all types of healing work, for setting intentions and resolutions, for doing affirmations or visualizations, for doing artistic work, for making love and connecting with your partner at a deeper, more spiritual level, and for connecting with the various “kind beings of the universe” — your spiritual helpers, power animals, higher power, and so on. The sun at this time is just moving into the Water sign of Cancer. Cancer is a very psychic, sweet, empathetic and sensitive sign, so you’ll feel these influences come in.  Some evocative and powerful words to think about or concepts to meditate on include: hope, transformation, transfiguration, release, ecstasy, and resolution.

Globally, a wide range of rituals for the Summer Solstice which focus on the themes of fulfillment, enlightment, abundance, sharing, and the joy of living on this beautiful Earth.  Ceremonies are also performed regarding community, career, relationships, Nature communion, and planetary wellness.  Most common Summer Solstice themes tend to revolve around warding off negative spirits, protection, marriage, and fertility.

handfastingAncient cultures around the world have celebrated the Summer Solstice by making bonfires, as Fire represents Summer, the Sun, and heat.  The Sun is the giver of life.  Thus, certain cultures have associated the Summer Solstice with fertility and is believed to be a good time to get married.  Celebrations of feasting, dancing, and singing were held.  Yellow and orange flowers are used in decorations and activities.  You can use the flowers to make a floral wreath, a sun wheel, or a mandala.  St. John’s Wort was often picked and thrown onto the fire.  People usually leapt through bonfires, considered to bring good luck.  The bonfires were also believed to ward off negative spirits.  Protection amulets were made and charged under the Sun on the Summer Solstice to charge and heighten its power.  People would gather to see the Sunrise.

Ironically, while summer is just hitting its stride, the Earth is already turning towards the dark season as the nights begin to lengthen and the days will shorten from this point on, until after the Winter Solstice.

So where as in May we celebrated and honored the mother energy, in June, we celebrate and honor the father energy.  This is seen as the Father Sky or the Yang symbol in the Chinese symbol.  It’s the Active force in life.  It’s characterized as hard, fast, focused, and aggressive.  This energy comes in handy when we need to push through things, shine light on the dark, transform heaviness into lightness.  It’s the go-getter attitude, filling us up with passion, enthusiasm, and motivation to move and do!

summer solstice centerpeice


Air Spells

book of magic

Spells don’t have to be intricate.  Most of us perform some sort of spell work on a regular basis.  Making a wish or even saying a simple prayer are forms of spell work.  You are using the forces of nature to yield a certain result.


Air spells can either be medium paces or fast paced depending on how it’s carried by the wind.

Air spells are good to use during the season of Spring or on a windy or breezy day.

Air spells are complimentary when the Moon or Sun are in the sign of Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius.


Air:  Simple Wish Spell

***Think of something you want for yourself.  It should be something intangible ( a good day, a happy resolution, a new cherished memory) instead of something tangible that you can touch, hold, or interact with.

When you have decided upon what you will ask for, reduce it to exactly three words.  For instance, you could say, “A joyful memory.” “Bring peaceful closure”, “Beauty fills today”

Now cup your hands like you were going to fill them with water.  Lean forward until you are close enough that you could drink from your hands.  Think of what you are wishing for.  Audibly but quietly whisper your phrase three times…. “Beauty fills today, Beauty fills today, Beauty fills today.

Open your hands, palms up, so they are still side-by-side.  Take a deep breath and gently, in a long slow exhalation, blow the whispered words from your hands and entrust your wish into the Air.

Then whisper “Thank you.”***


Air Manifestation Spell

***Words carry power.  A simple rite can be performed a number of ways.  It can be woven silently.  The words can be whispered.  You can confidently announce the spell.  This can be a prayer, a manifestation, or a simple wish.  Each step from silence to confidence lends more power to your ritual.  A simple heartfelt prayer will be suffice.

It is the words carried in sound through Air, rippling through the fabric of space and time.  Words carry the power to manifest their promised outcome.***

blowing love


For more information on becoming a practical pagan check out the site

Money Magnetizing Meetup

Money Pot 3


March Money Pot


I recently started a Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup for this year.  2015 in numerology is an 8 year.  8 is attributed with power, money, success, and wealth.  When two or more people come together to hold an intention for something the power is heightened.  I invite you to listen in and participate in our Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup where we will combine our focused intention to create and draw more money into our lives.  This is the year to tap into wealth and success codes and give yourself an opportunity to expand your financial situation.  If you want to know more check out my Monthly Money Magnetizing Meetup page where you can find the link to the recorded audios.  For more classes, workshops, and events look to the calendar for times and schedule.  Now is the time for inspired action….GO!


The Moon



moon 3

The Moon represents mothers, oceans, and oceans of emotions.  It affects our emotions and speaks to us on a personal level.  It represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, our unconscious mind, how we feel and express feelings, and our emotional character.  The Moon is associated with the mother and the feminine energy.  It is the ruler of Cancer.  It is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions.

Working with the Moon brings quick but less powerful results, more like a nudge rather than a shove, compared to working with the Sun.  The Moon is the Earth’s closest celestial neighbor and this closeness makes Luna the perfect choice to empower us for challenging portions of our path.  When we find ourselves working with magick to help confront a challenge, connecting that rite to the lunar cycle will bring help in more of an immediate form (a door opening, a friend coming with the answer, etc.,) while working with the Sun will shift things in a more Universal level.  For instance, while the situation itself may not work out, it will position you for the next step of your path, which in the “bigger scheme of things” is a good result.

As the Moon goes through its birth, death, and rebirth process becoming anew every single month we too follow this cycle to bring about our manifestations, undergo personal transformation, and receive inner healing.  Certain cycles are used specifically for certain purposes.  The New Moon is a time for new beginnings.  The Waxing Moon is a time for building and creating.  The Full Moon is a time for harvest.  The Waning Moon is a time for releasing and shedding away.  Lastly, the Dark Moon is a time for rest.  Knowledge of the movement of our  sky can open and heighten your awareness  of the Universe and greatly expand your understanding of how the celestial bodies affect your emotions, moods, mind, life experiences, and even your health.  It can empower you to respond to life circumstances as they arise.

moon 2The Moon makes its way through the zodiac wheel every month changing signs every 2 1/2 days, where as the Sun it takes a whole year to move through the zodiac wheel, changing signs only once every month.  When you work with the Moon, you should keep in mind the phase that it is in (as each phase will carry a very specific purpose and general use and the sign that it’s in itself will carry its own signature and energy.  All you have to do is align your intention with the energies that are already present and let the magic happen.

Words of Power


Whether you are doing simple affirmations, heartfelt prayers, or holding a ritual or ceremony take time before to prepare so that you go in more clear.

  • Before you make your request, make sure that you are absolutely certain you desire what you are seeking for.
  • Make sure that it will bring harm to none.
  • Be absolutely specific with your words and requests.
  • The less general you are and more specific you are will create a space for faster and clearer deliverance.
  • See it through.  Visualize what it will look like.  What would it feel like?  How would you feel like if you had it.

Performing a ritual or ceremony is very sacred and should be performed and with absolute care and awareness.  Here are some tips to provide a cleaner and powerful space.

  • Prepare your sacred space, either by burning white sage or whichever herb blend or exercise you use.
  • Call in the energies you work with to assist you.
  • Perform your ritual and go with your gut instinct.
  • Only ask for what you are ready to receive.
  • Close the ceremony accordingly so your personal space stays clean.
  • After the ceremony is performed, believe that the Universe has heard you and is working on your behalf for your favor.

The words that you use hold a lot of power and have a huge impact on how it can affect you on what you magnetize.  Start your intention statement with specific words of power that will guarantee better success such as:freedom

  • “I create”
  • “I am”
  • “I choose”
  • “I am in the process of”

For healing ceremonies it’s important to be precise and positive.  What would it feel like, look like, be like for you if you were already healed?  Say phrases like “Thank you for bringing me the perfect practitioner who will help me.” OR “Thank you for my happy, healthy shoulder” Instead of “Please help me get the pain out.”


End your intention statements with specific words of power that promote smoother results such as:

  • Ease; effortlessness
  • Let it be so easy that I laugh about it
  • Grace; bliss
  • Synchrinosity; harmony
  • Love; Pink Light, color
  • Smooth out the way/path/day before me
  • Make it a pleasurable experience
  • Ask for it to be for the most benevolent outcome for all those involved





What is God?

eye of god

All cultures have their own deities whom they have worshiped from the beginning of time.  There are so many different beliefs and cultures out there which have been implanted on society from so long ago that we just repeat them like myths without us ever really Knowing them and who they Really are.  It’s like this show I used to watch.  Most of the show is about this one prophecy that has been around in caves from the beginning of time.  It is really important and revelant to their lives.  Well, when it came time for the prophecy to be fulfilled, the truth was exposed that the whole time it had been made up by the “bad guys” for their own hidden agenda.  What a shock to find out that the story you have been told your whole life has been a lie.

When you hold a ritual, perform any magick work, make affirmations or prayers I advise to only use and work with the energies, guides, and deities that you work with and are comfortable with on a regular basis.  Feel out their energies first before you start calling upon deities or guides.  Ask for the real “__________”(whatever the name of the deity or guide is).  There are imposers out there who pretend to be the real thing but are not.  Test the waters first before diving in.   Always know what you’re getting yourself into because they don’t always have your best interest in mind.  Research as much as you can about it too before making your conclusion.

spiritualHonestly, most of these deities, gods, masters and so on are just aliens, astral beings, or anti-love, anti-life entities who claim to be something they are not whom don’t really have our best interest in mind because they have their own secret agenda. When in reality they are stealing your energy and you are inviting and allow them to do so and use you as puppets to do their dirty work and control your life.  Instead I would advise to go within.  You have the connection to that “Eternal Spark“.  That which has a thousand names yet still remains nameless.  Go “within” and not “up” to connect to that Eternal Spark because when you go up you could accidentally connect to some nasty beings instead.  You want to empower yourself not give your power away.  Sure they may know how to pull a rabbit out of their hats and perform a few misleading tricks here or there to have us believe they are “It” but you know better now.

Actually, what you should do is take a moment and ask yourself “What is god?”  What do I believe in?  Try to put aside everything you have been told or taught about who god is and seriously contemplate on what that means to you.  What are your beliefs?  Most deities in every culture share a similar story but with different names or experiences but the bottom line is the same.  It’s basically the same story being recycled from one culture to the next from thousands of years ago.  Question everything..

spiritual amnesiaUse practices to connect but tweak it a little bit to make room for your new belief.  For example,  After you are more clear on what god means to you make up your own name for what you thing god is and use that when you are praying, affirming, calling upon, or connecting to.   Seriously, because when you are calling upon a deity the name will come with attachments.  When you use your name for what you think god is, it will be a more personal, clearer, and direct connection.  In order to make it more powerful and give you the certainty, you have to keep connecting to it and be just like a child, bright eyes who is open to learn.  Keep connecting to strengthen your understanding, relationship, and bond.  You have to build that inner knowing, unless you are already one that knows… xoxo…  That’s how your gonna move mountains and if you have already done it then know that it was you all along who called that into your life, your prayers, your mindset, your power through your mind and focused intention.

Focus on building your own power.  Clear and remove any false gods, entities, beliefs, contracts that you have made with them through all dimensions, realities, space, and time and ask for the void to be replaced with more of your authentic self or your Eternal self.  Love yourself more.  Also, when you invoke beings and call them your “Lords”, “Masters”, or “Gods”, this gives them permission to retain ownership over you.  Don’t call on white light or use any rays because white light is like a Neon light that sends a message to these nasty beings saying “Come and get me I’m over here.  I am inviting you into my field and space.”  Stick with more natural stuff like color.  Use color energy/therapy instead for your visualizations, rituals or healing work.  Trust yourself more.  Connect to the Sun, the Earth or as I call her “Mama Flora” and the Universe.  Connect to you, your inner knowing.

blissHonor life.  Honor your life.  Many religions and practices promise of a perfect place where it is heaven after this life, which are really suicidal beliefs because it makes you uncomfortable being here therefore you no longer want to be here…hint, hint.. You can’t wait to not be here any longer.   When in reality we have to bring the heaven down to Earth not the other way around.  Ask for a day of Heaven on Earth for you and your family.  Ask for it to be a world of  utopia in the world you live in now.  Why should you have to check out of this life to experience a life and world full of utopia and bliss? Our Universe is that of Love, Expansion, and Creative energy.  Ask to connect to it and bring it into your life and our world.


spiritual being