Scorpio New Moon

scorpio moon goddess

The New Moon is a time to go within and dance with our shadow issues in order to resolve longstanding issues.  Every new Moon will be different and each will trigger certain things in you.  Today on November 11, we greet the Scorpio new moon at 12:47 p.m.  Scorpio is a deep and intense sign. It represents all the stuck and heavy emotions and shadow issues we have.  It signifies transformation…death and rebirth, the phoenix.

It represents all things taboo…forbidden behavior…and the rejection because it seems socially unacceptable.  What is your taboo about fitting in?  Where are you trying to fit in where you have been called to stand out to find your genius?  Find your connection to your family taboo.  I grew up in a Roman Catholic church and for my mom if you do not go to church every week you are not considered spiritual and do not know God. She came from a family of well educated individuals and if you do not go to college you have wasted your life.

scorpio transformationThis sign has more then one facet and is represented by more then just the scorpion but by the eagle and the phoenix as well.  The Scorpion aspect is the transformation of secrets and desire.  All the shadow stuff.  The stinger.  When you are in this aspect you’re really “in it” and you can’t see in the dark still. The eagle aspect has the ability to fly above the Scorpion energy and sees the shadow issues.  It sees both worlds and becomes the Sacred Observer.  Because the eagle can see what’s going on from above it can pull shadow pieces out and ask “What is it about for you?”  There is a curiosity, a higher world view.  You’re not “in it” anymore.  The Phoenix aspect is the transformation by flames and rises out of the ashes.  It dies and comes back totally different.  You have been on a journey and when you come back you don’t fit in anymore and feel totally different.  This is a time of integration.  Honor the transition phase. Honor the transformation phases.  Do not judge or criticize the rebirth.

What aspect is calling you at this New Moon?  Is it the eagle, the scorpion, or the phoenix?  Which aspect can you learn from at the moment?  Which part do you want to connect to?  As you sit underneath the moonlight tonight mediate on this.

moon stagnant energyThis month you are being called to slow it down and look at what has been needing your attention.  Where have you become rigid, stubborn and unyielding? Contemplate on what needs tending to.  Ask yourself how you are being triggered.  What inner critic is still running the show? Concentrate on what needs to be transformed.  Are you a workaholic instead of an entrepreneur?  Are you in a hamster wheel never really allowing yourself to live your life?  What are your issues with reciprocity…giving and receiving?  Do you give but do not allow your self to receive or are you the one constantly taking from other people and never giving anything back?

You are being called to clean up all your junk this month… your longstanding issues, things that need attention, changes that need to be made.  Deep mucky stuff from your psyche will be coming up this month.  What are your secret emotions that you want to hide from?  How does transformation instill fear in you… because it’s a loss and scary?  And how does this fear inhibit your expression of power?  It’s time for you to surrender all your negative emotions…fear, guilt, anger, shame.  Scorpio can be a time of deep healing if you just surrender and let it go.  So what if things didn’t work out how you expected at least you did it.  Look at how it needs to be transformed for the next time.

There will be moments where the Universe will test you to see if you have the spiritual muscle to walk into the situation.  And in those moments you are being called to start as the Scorpion, Become the Eagle and Come back as the Phoenix.  Use all the powerful energy with this Scorpio new moon to shapeshift your current situation.  The choice is yours Stay as the Scorpion/the Stinger, Become the Eagle and Rise Above, or Transform and Transmute into the Phoenix?  Much love and support on your transformation.  It’s time to Phoenix Up!


For more information on new moon please check out Michelle Grace Lessirard.  Her new Moon classes are phenomenal and you can transform longstanding issues by collaborating with the New Moon each month.


Libra New Moon

Libra new moon

The New Moon is a time for introspection.  During the dark moon we can find answers when we show up with intention.  It is a time of release.  Libra is all about balance, harmony, partnering, and collaboration.  In order to partner one must know their boundaries  and know their self- worth.  At the Leo new moon you played and connected to your inner radiance through play and creativity.  At the Virgo new Moon you sorted things out and embraced the technology and systems that move your creativity and dreams into reality to be made manifest.  At the Libra New Moon you’re ready to collaborate and it brings up issues of giving and receiving,”How am I partnering?”

The Libra new Moon occurs tomorrow on the East Coast. Libra is traditionally the sign of marriage.  It represents partnership and collaboration.  Who do you want to be in relationship to people?  Do you feel safe and supported by them?  Libra is very important to women.  Marriage has transformed within these past couple of years to relationship through partnership and equality in the marriage.  Libra signifies collaboration… the power of who I am with you.  Where have you dulled yourself down to be in a relationship?  Not just in regards to your spouse, but what about your kids, parents, family, friends, employment, creativity, etc.?  Have you dulled yourself down because of your parents imposed beliefs and expectations?  Siblings that you couldn’t outshine?  To start a family… Dulled your light to raise your kids or to be a good wife?  You may not want to outshine your co-workers or friends? Often times, especially women and those who are born in Libra will seek peace instead of confrontation so we leave a part of ourselves behind because we judge it, feel that it won’t be loved or not accepted.  It is a form of protection.  Sometimes we never get that part of ourselves back that we left at the curb.  But eventually it will start to knock at the door seeking to be let back in.

two lovers

For me personally, being a Libra according to the Tropical astrology, Libra can be an emotionally awkward time.  This is the time where we are exploring and seeking  balance, harmony, and questioning your relationships with other people.  If not expressed in a healthy manner it can cause friction and disruption within yourself, the people around you, and your life.  All the things that are off which are not making you feel whole and seem unfair, will surface needing to be voiced and fixed.  Being an entrepreneur of 2 businesses, while supporting my spouse’s business, a mom of 3, a wife, an aunt, sister, spiritual seeker, and a daughter…can be quite overwhelming and frustrating.  Being spread too thin and having to be all these things to all these people, when I just want to be myself and by myself sometimes can become challenging.  There is only so much time in the day, so many things to get done, and so little help.  You end up getting irritable and resentful if personal priorities, values, and relationships with people are not being honored or there is no equal exchange of energy.  You can not keep giving out more then you put in and continue to see success  and balance.  You can not be all these things for all these other people if you can not be there for yourself and maintain harmony.  We get caught up being everybody else’s cheerleader and never allow our true self get out in the game.  You dull yourself down to allow other people to shine because this is what you’re supposed to do.  You have to play your role.  But what I have learned and experienced is that if you don’t establish personal boundaries within your relationships, it can be really easy to lose yourself and be taken advantage of.  As an act of self-love, you have to remain true to yourself in order to truly be of service for other people and humanity.


balanceHow do you remain true to your self?  One way is through creativity.  Personally, when you are being creative you are connecting to spirit.  This Universe is that of expansion, creativity and love. So when you give in to creativity you are connecting to the energies of this Universe expressing itself through collaboration with you.  It’s easy to connect to spirit through sheer action on creative inspiration.  Go with the flow and create your heart’s desire at that moment.  Relationships could be creativity.  Decide to be in partnership with spirit of creativity.  The creative muse will show up.  You just have to invite it and let it in.  How do you want to be inspired?  How are you collaborating with creativity?  When it shows up are you responding back that you don’t want it then wondering why nothing’s moving?  Dare to step into huge pools of creativity.  Get lost in the moment.

During the pregnancy of my second child I became so sick that I could not keep working.  I went from being a single parent raising one child on my own.  I had a full time job and had my own apartment.  I owned my own vehicle and was as you call it, an independent woman.  I gave it all up to become a stay at home mom.  I had to give up my car because I wasn’t working anymore and could not afford the maintenance, gas, and insurance anymore.  I no longer had stable and consecutive income.  I immersed myself as playing the role of a house mom and spouse.  Every waking hour was spent on and for other people.  Making sure their needs and the darn house’s needs were met. Depending on other people and allowing other people to make decisions for you or making decisions based on the happiness of other people.  I did this for a couple of years until one day I realized how unhappy I was and how I had completely lost myself behind everybody else. If you lose your self-value and if there is no place to be voiced and heard you shut yourself down.  The Aries full moon shined a huge spotlight on this emphasizing on your ability to lead.  So how are you going to lead in these situations/issues that the Libra new Moon is bringing up?  And the seeds that you plant now, you will harvest 6 months from now at the Aries New Moon.

energy new moon LibraI was consumed  by my unpredictable financial situation and the frustration of not being able to make the kind of moves I wanted to.  I felt hopeless and confused as to how or what it was that I should be doing to create a source of income for myself.  Finally, I was honest with myself and realized that I really had no clue as to how I was going to create income.  So my prayer changed to “I do not know how this is gonna look like for me or what “it” really is for me but that I just ask that it shows up for me at the appropriate time and that I prepare to be in a state of allowing and welcoming for it.” I gave up trying to figure it all out and be in control of the situation.  Forgotten and turning my attention to just getting myself in order.  Eventually being led by sheer inspiration and following through my creative impulses my “it” was born.  The night before Beltane I was led to create a couple vibrational waters and oils and charged them under the Beltane sun.  This gave me the idea for what has now turned into an online store on Etsy.  Sunhealers now has connected to the name behind the company and have found a way to turn my passion into my career.  I make magickal enchantments and charge them under the Sun at each nature celebration to infuse it with the seasonal energies.  Being born in October, I have always believed in the mysteries and magick.  My favorite Halloween costume was a witch and kinda still is!  I was inspired to create objects that would easily add magick to the mundane, bringing magick into your life in such a cohesive and natural process.  I bless and charge candles, necklaces, oils, mists, and vibrational waters that are meant for the empowerment and advancement of humanity.


Interestingly, when I stopped focusing on the money in such a painful way, at the right moment “it” showed up.  Explore your Pimp, Pauper, and Prostitute energies.  If money is driving the creativity then it can become a prostitute.  You take on the energy of “I will do this for you but you have to pay me. ” “I’ll do that if you do this.” You end up prostituting your creativity out.  Pauper energies… you spend the money as soon as you get it.  Pimp energies.. Where am I sending out someone to do something I can do for myself?  Where are you making someone else do it for you so that you do not have to face your fears?  When you send your friends or kids to do it or say it for you..

This Libra New Moon is going to be potently charged.  Because of the Autumn energies, and the moon’s relationship with Pluto and Uranus it will be an opportunity to transform/change something and look at the way you are partnering and collaborating.  The New Moon shadow issues will face off with Uranus and it can create a challenge and awakening to happen simultaneously.  How do you want to take it to the next level?  What would your up-level look like?  You have to choose from 3 decisions:  maintain status quo, up-level, or spiral down.  There is nothing wrong with spiraling down because this where you are immersing yourself in the depth of things in order to transform.  It is when you stay here too log that your energy will become stagnant.  In your own way you up-level in each stage.

balance sun and moonAt this new Moon ask yourself “Where have I dulled myself down to be in relationship to you?”  Where have you been over ridding your own intuition for someone else’s?  Where are you living somebody else’s dreams for you?  Where are you pimping and prostituting your creativity and values to be part of someone else’s world?  And once you have answered that, look for the solution.  Don’t stay in the spiral…transform.  These are the parts that you have experienced soul loss and have to come back to center.  What areas in your life are  are you not feel safe enough to do what you want to do? Usually it’s the areas that you feel shaky about because you do not feel safe. Then you have to ask yourself “How can I gracefully transform these things in a cohesive, natural, and synchronistic process and solution for everybody involved.”  How can we change this into a blissful, pleasant, benevolent, abundant, loving, fun outcome for all those involved?”  How can you still partner and collaborate with someone and still reclaim yourself?  Meditate on these things on the new Moon and journal about it.  Ask yourself who you want to collaborate with or what specific energies do you want to collaborate with: abundance, creativity, balance, harmony, wholeness, beauty, grace, love, etc…

Make a pie chart and get honest with yourself.  Draw how much percentage you would say that you have of health, wealth, family time, personal time, businesses, spiritual time, etc.  Then make one of what you would LIKE your life to look like.  A pie chart is the shape of a circle.  An appropriate shape for this time with the Libra New Moon and the Autumn Equinox.  You are seeking completion and wholeness represented by the circle and it starts from the center.  Meditate and Envision your life and what it would look and feel like as if you have shifted your life to balance and created harmony.  This new moon can be a powerful one.  You are either going to question yourself and pass this new Moon with ‘Will I be OK?” energy or adopt an “I’m gonna do it!” type of energy.

libra constellation


Aries New Moon

new moon in ariesThis Saturday on April 18, 2015 at 2:57 p.m., we greet the Aries New Moon.  At the Aquarius New Moon you claimed your weird.  At the Pisces New Moon you connected with your Inner Muse so you can lead with Spirit.  Now at the Aries New Moon it’s time to take your weird self and shine*…Start something…*  Destiny is calling.  We are transitioning through a set of 4 fated New Moons, starting with last month’s New Moon in Pisces.  That means that it was in the end of a sign getting ready to transition into another constellation.  So we are having a little bit of both energies at play here with the New Moons.

When the Sun and the Moon meet up each month at a doorway, as in a New Moon, there is an alchemical call to turn what is lead within you, meaning your chattering mind, etc., into gold. *  Tracking the New Moon energy you’re reflecting a real deep relationship with the Moon.  And if you respond to the Moon, she will respond kindly back to you.  When you show up and work with these energies,  a doorway opens and something reveals.

At this New Moon, What are you being called to revolutionize?  Aries is all about new beginnings, blazing new trails, initiation energy of really making things happen.  It’s all about taking action.*  But before you can take action…what is needing to be healed will show up.

How often have you had these things or ideas that you are ready to birth?  And you show it to somebody, and unfortunately, they just don’t get it and they just YUCK on your YUM.   Where have you been YUCKED on and where are your YUMMY moments?  At this lunation, make a two column list.  On one side put YUCK and on the other side put YUM.  Make a list of those things you feel YUMMY about.  Whatever makes your heart sing and soar when you’re doing it.  And on the other side put those moments where you have been YUCKED on.  Those times where somebody’s intention bubbles up and says “You can’t do that.  Who do you think you are?  Why are you doing that for?”    How have you YUCKED on other people’s YUM?

fire breathingThere may be a teaching that wants to come forward or it may be part of your leadership right now.  There was somebody who just stomped on and crushed what you wanted to do…. a teacher, family, spouse, friend.  And now you finally have the spiritual muscle and are ready to do it.   There is no doubt in your mind that you’re ready to do it.  This is the space and place to claim it because 29 degrees is not just something that you want to ignore.  It’s Fated…It’s Destiny.*  You are going to have to connect with and trust your inner spirit that what you are doing is the right step and that it’s gonna lead you to where you want to be.

This is not the time to sit back.  You need to figure out what you want to do….Who you want to be…Because you’re planting seeds that 6 months from now you will harvest at the Aries Full Moon.  You’re going to be harvesting whatever intentions you planted these next couple of weeks;  So plant well.  Take advantage of the energy.  You just don’t want to go to sleep.  This is a time where you can manifest your dreams in a quicker way.  This is also a great time for Vision boards.

Stop discounting your inner knowing and allow divine guidance to come forward.  Tell people what you know in confidence.  Come out of the closet with your spiritual gifts and wisdom.  There is a lineage of grandmother’s and women who are holding space for us and all you have to do is show up and say YES.*

Wherever Aries is in your chart, that’s where you are called to lead.  Where is Aries in your birth chart?  That is where the action is right now.  What house?  Are there any other planets in that house?  Are they at 28 degrees or 29 degrees in Libras, Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn.  If so, then this New Moon is activating those planetary energies and asking you to tell your story in a different way.

There is a little bit of BIG ME vs. LITTLE ME energy going on here.  Your BIG ME is attributed to the Full Moon. It is the part of you who goes out and gets things done.  Your LITTLE ME is attributed with the New Moon and is the part of you that is still wounded.  It’s saying “Are you sure we can do this?”  Typically a New Moon occurs before the Full Moon but these past couple of months it has been reversed.  We had the Libra Full Moon last weekend before the Aries New Moon coming up on Saturday.  In Libra you are called to partner, balance, and harmonize and in Aries you are being called to lead, pioneer, and blaze new trails.

How are you being called to step up and lead.  It’s time to make a decision, at each Aries New Moon, that you claim whatever your part in the puzzle is.  You need to be firm in the conditions of what you want.  Stand ground.  What do you want to do?  How are you going to get it?  And if you’re confused, just take a breath and spend the next couple of days in nature and ask “Where did my YUM get YUCKED on?”  Because somebody in your past told you that you had to remain small.

marsMars is the ruler of Aries.  When Mars is trying to get healed it will flash into anger.  There are many types of anger.  We are human beings meant to cycle through the energy of emotion…joy, happiness, sadness, anger, etc… Since the Libra Full Moon people have been getting angry.  This is a good because when anger is expressed in a healthy way, it turns into passion.  And movements start from passion.

If you grew up in a family where anger was not allowed to be voiced then you may have a low, small voice.  And those issues of not being able to tell your truth… the anger behind the smile, is coming out for you to deal with so you can finally heal and move on.  And if anger shows up…birth that energy.  Give it a voice.  Give it some action.  Shout it.  Go to the beach and kick waves and yell “I’m really f***ing angry!”  It’s the best thing that you can do because instead of that energy being trapped in your body, it’s now been activated.

Venus, your heart knows what to do.  She knows what she wants to create, and now she gives Mars her marching orders.  Because Mars will always be in service to Venus.  Mars can take things and run with it.  It wants to motivate, fire things up.  So celebrate the anger.

What are you longing to create for yourself in your business… in your relationship… in your family?  You want to look at the task at hand.  What story is begging to be told.  Aries is all about asking you to take a risk.  Mars is a great energy.  It takes your intentions and helps to move them into action.  Mars is important.  If you don’t have a healed Mars, you will be trying to get things going but it just won’t get anywhere.  You need a healthy Mars.  Where is Mars in your body?  Where in your physical form are you holding all that Mars energy.

aries in the skyThese next three New Moons are going to be very important celestial events.  Aries is your ability to lead.  saying “YES” to leadership.  BIG ME vs. LITTLE ME energy.  Taurus is about your self-esteem and self-worth.  Do I have a grounded knowing who I am, what my value is.  I know how to create abundance.  I know how to ask for the money.  Gemini is about your voice.  Giving voice to your truth.

What’s your Yum gonna be this week leading up to the New Moon?  It’s a 9 month birthing process.  You’re gonna start to see stuff from this in 6 months and by January you’ll see it fully formed.

Pisces New Moon

Collaborating with Spirit

Each New Moon  is an opportunity to call your power back especially with creativity because creativity and intuition are tied to the Moon. The Moon’s reflection of the Sun is what gives it it’s light therefore making sense that during a Full Moon  you are connecting with your solar energy, your soul force, your higher self (or as I like to say Eternal Self).  During a Full Moon you are in your radiance, the transmuted person.  And during The New moon the moon is barely visible.  We have fallen into the darker part of the Moon with the lack of light, so it tends to bring up your shadow issues.  During the New Moon your issues become visible and by the Full Moon there is a breakthrough.

Pisces is one of the three water signs.  Water signs are emotional and sensitive, imaginative, and connected to their feelings.  Pisces is also the last sign of the zodiac wheel therefore it is a mutable sign.  A mutable sign occurs at the end of the season as the energies begin to shift into the new season, therefore making them a bit more flexible.  Pisces key phrase is “I believe”.  It is the “imaginative dreamer”.  Keywords related to Pisces are adaptable, sensitive, emotional, intuitive, supportive, impressionable, visionary, spiritual, compassionate, mystical, creative, idealistic, gullible, imaginative.

It’s ruling planet is Neptune.  Neptune represents illusions and delusions and the dissolutions of old forms.  It rules mysterious events, psychic matters, drugs, poisons, hospitals, institutions, illusions, hypnosis, magic, indecision, secrets, illusive problems, extreme sensitivity.    Pisces rules the 12th house which has to do with unknown fears, intuition, and past lives.  It rules the subconscious, institutions, spirituality, sensitivity, subtle forces, and the law, prisons, and hospitals. During a  Pisces New Moon the moon favors imaginative undertakings, mystical or spiritual pursuits, inner development, music, and drama, going on a retreat, and activities involving water.

Every so often there is a shift in these energies and a Full Moon comes first before the New Moon. Which was the case during the Pisces New Moon which just passed on the 19th  or 20th of March, 2015 this year (depending where you live).  Eastern time would be the day later.  The Virgo Full Moon showed up before Pisces.  There was also a solar eclipse making it power packed.  The balancing pair of Pisces and also opposite sign is Virgo.  Virgo rules planning and order. Your radiance is asking you to look at the things that did not work out and reconsider what you have to do.  Pisces connects you to Spirit.  Virgo is about grounding your message in a practical way.  That’s where you become a practical mystic.  People in just Pisces can’t manifest because they are not grounded.  When you talk about things, their business, personal life, they’re usually like “Oh, it’s just gonna show up.”  People who are too Virgo are practical and lead with their mind because their feelings are often times too real for them.  They begin to do things compacted, making it smaller and smaller. and tighten it down.  Virgo likes to edit, sort, and control.  Pisces is about faith, hope, and trust.  Look at what’s been happening between the Virgo Full Moon and the Pisces New Moon.

The Pisces New Moon asks you to connect to your muse.  Often times we are so focused on activating our team of special helpers, allies, guides, that we lose sight of witnessing and listening.  This can be an intense time as you will “have your foot into both worlds” so to speak.  During this New Moon you are being asked to plant your vision and plant it well.  Have faith, hope, and trust that your Spirit connection cannot be shaken.  It’s time to dust off your vision boards.  What you plant now you will be harvesting next Autumn.  If you plant weeds, you will harvesting weeds.  If you plant with a solid plan of action, you will be harvesting flowers, which will grow into more life, money, teachings, and wealth.

It’s time to ask and consider what you have to do in your business or personal life in order to to have what it is you desire.  Map it out and strategize.  Ask “What am I seeking ?”  Then go for a walk to connect to Pisces.  If you want to find Spirit, get out into nature.  You are either running towards her, away from her unconscious, or running away from her denying her.  It’s time to connect with Spirit and connect with nature.  This is where the collaboration begins.   Spend time journaling.  Ask what you need to know (more time listening and witnessing).  If your mess is your message what needs to be integrated into personal and professional life to move this project forward.  Virgo rules planning and order.  So ask if this is the best use of your time.  Figure out what your intentions are for this New moon and the day after the New Moon, which is today, plant the seed and let it go.

Pay attention to your dreams.

This New Moon asks you to lead with Spirit.  It is time to move that word into action with a purpose.  It’s time to move things into matter.  Pisces working with Virgo.

This New Moon  was a fated one.  Meaning that it was at the end of Pisces right before entering Aries.  The next 4 New moons, including this one,  will be fated ones.  This is a time for destiny and do over.  Keyword is DESTINY during the next 4 New moons, including the Pisces.   Alchemically work with it in your life for the next 4 months.  All you have to do is show up at each New Moon and dance with the energies.


The Moon



moon 3

The Moon represents mothers, oceans, and oceans of emotions.  It affects our emotions and speaks to us on a personal level.  It represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, our unconscious mind, how we feel and express feelings, and our emotional character.  The Moon is associated with the mother and the feminine energy.  It is the ruler of Cancer.  It is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions.

Working with the Moon brings quick but less powerful results, more like a nudge rather than a shove, compared to working with the Sun.  The Moon is the Earth’s closest celestial neighbor and this closeness makes Luna the perfect choice to empower us for challenging portions of our path.  When we find ourselves working with magick to help confront a challenge, connecting that rite to the lunar cycle will bring help in more of an immediate form (a door opening, a friend coming with the answer, etc.,) while working with the Sun will shift things in a more Universal level.  For instance, while the situation itself may not work out, it will position you for the next step of your path, which in the “bigger scheme of things” is a good result.

As the Moon goes through its birth, death, and rebirth process becoming anew every single month we too follow this cycle to bring about our manifestations, undergo personal transformation, and receive inner healing.  Certain cycles are used specifically for certain purposes.  The New Moon is a time for new beginnings.  The Waxing Moon is a time for building and creating.  The Full Moon is a time for harvest.  The Waning Moon is a time for releasing and shedding away.  Lastly, the Dark Moon is a time for rest.  Knowledge of the movement of our  sky can open and heighten your awareness  of the Universe and greatly expand your understanding of how the celestial bodies affect your emotions, moods, mind, life experiences, and even your health.  It can empower you to respond to life circumstances as they arise.

moon 2The Moon makes its way through the zodiac wheel every month changing signs every 2 1/2 days, where as the Sun it takes a whole year to move through the zodiac wheel, changing signs only once every month.  When you work with the Moon, you should keep in mind the phase that it is in (as each phase will carry a very specific purpose and general use and the sign that it’s in itself will carry its own signature and energy.  All you have to do is align your intention with the energies that are already present and let the magic happen.

New Moon

“As Above so below

    As within so without”


It all started about 2 years ago.  I was listening in on a woman coaching seminar when I heard Michelle Grace Lessicrescent moonrard speak about the New Moon and her experiences with it.  She challenged us to 3 months of showing up for the New Moon and I have never looked back.  My company is called Sunhealers and at the time I was focusing mainly on working with the sun.  The Sun is brighter and lighter compared to it’s celestial companion which can be mysterious and dark.  But what I didn’t realize at the time was that in order to truly know thyself you have to know all parts of yourself including the shadowy stuff we like to keep in the dark.  You know, all those painful memories and secrets we try to bury or shove away.  Those instinctual nudges and feelings we get but are too afraid to act on or speak of.  In order to truly become whole and balanced we must acknowledge it all and that means shining the light on our darkest parts in order to grow and heal from it.  Yeah, it may not be as easy peasy as we wish it were but it can be done with  grace, ease, support, and understanding.

The Moon represents mothers, ocean, and oceans of emotions.  It is the fastest moving object in our sky and every month it makes its way into a different sign of the zodiac.  The New Moon occurs when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun and therefore hidden.  The New Moon symbolizes the Winter Solstice.  It is one of the strongest time of the lunar cycle.  During the New Moon we turn inward.  At each New Moon, we plant seeds for what we want to grow in the next 30 days.  It can be literal, in terms of initiating a new activity, important calls, or certain actions you need to take.  Or it can be symbolic, by creating rituals that help ground our intentions.  Keep in mind that it may take more than one lunar cycle to see results.  Rituals and spells for the New Moon include:  Attraction, Healing, Manifesting, Magnetization, Finding lost things.  

The New Moon in particular is about your shadow issues… Things you don’t want to see… Cleaning out of longstanding stuff.  The Lunar dance shows you your right timing to take action.  You must first clear away so that new energy can show up.

  When you show up to the new Moon you are showing up to:looking at moon

              follow your inner mystery

             activate your intuition

            dissolve any longstanding issues

            find new solutions


The New Moon is a time for:  rest and planning for new beginnings or new undertakings, new growth, the beginning or renewing of, bringing things in, regeneration, or giving thanks.  Take the 3 days before and 3 days after to take a rest and focus on rejuvenation.  Take a cleansing bath using aroma therapy or candles, go on a walk in nature, take a nap, meditate, get together with friends, try something new, or plant something.  This would be a good time to get a haircut as well.  It can be a starting point for a habit or simply beginning a project.  The goal during a New Moon is to set new goals or revise old ones for both long term or short term benefits.  Keywords for the New Moon are:  new beginnings, plant gardens, fresh start, optimism, hope, faith, initiation, birth, bringing forth, start relationships, renew, impulsiveness, spontaneity, fresh possibilities.

I didn’t know astrology when I started the course and the cool thing about Michelle Lessirard’s New Moon work is that you don’t have to know it to understand it.  She teaches on how it makes you feel rather than all the technical stuff, which saves me the headache and simplifies things.  Often times it gives me clarity and insight on what I may be feeling or going through that particular month and I know how to respond to life rather than react.  So I ask you; What’s calling you and how are you responding?

Working with the New Moon has been very empowering for me.  It helped me to better know myself and to hone my shadowy self.  The New Moon path is a personal, transformational, and magical one.  You freely embrace yourself and transform the dark into light and move on where you seem to be stuck.   Honor your authentic self and share your message with the world.

Aquarius 2nd New Moon

aquarius new moon

Okay, so we had a New Moon in Aquarius last month as the Moon was just entering Aquarius.  This month it will be at the end of Aquarius, as it’s making it’s way into Pisces.  This New Moon will bring out any issues you have towards being your original self.  It will ask you to clean up the muck around hiding your originality.  Working with the New Moon you learn to embrace your shadow self; All those things you don’t want to see. The New Moon is such an opportunity to clear out any longstanding issues you may have.

The Aquarius New Moon is all about the intuitive rebel; the “Agents of change“,  as Michelle Grace Lessirard will put it.  Aquarius is the water bearer and is a fixed air sign.  It is ruled by the planet Uranus which carries an electric energy that seems to wake things up.  It brings an awakening of our awareness.  Aquarius is the originator of new ideas; it is that spark of mind.  Aquarius people are those who have been way ahead of the pack while everyone else is just starting to catch up now.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is known for bringing out sudden radical events in your life that dramatically change things from there on out.

Aquarian energy is friendly, humanitarian, hopeful, spiritual, uplifting, and individualistic.  The Moon in Aquarius brings a time of intellectual exploration and friendliness.  When the Moon is in Aquarius favors unusual or radical undertakings, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, or joining a group.  People may respond to the world through their intellect rather than emotions and physical action.  This sign brings new ideas to the world and represents consciousness and the flowing of ideas.  As the visionaries of the zodiac. Aquarians are humanitarian and philanthropists.  Thus, while the Moon passes through Aquarius, people will be friendly and concerned for the welfare of others.  Additionally, people will be very aware of their need for freedom to explore new ideas that may be unconventional and unusual.

In Aquarius, you want to connect with that original spark.  Your original light that you came to teach and share.  What are you being called to wake people up at?  When you get with somebody magic happens; What is your magick?  Sometimes, our message that we came to share with the world is often times buried within our mess and our drama, trauma.  Find it, whatever it is.

For the past 2 years Pluto and Uranus have been squaring off.  So there has been this sort of push and pull energy.  Pluto takes things apart, it asks you to transform, while Uranus wakes things up.  Where were you hurt?  Transform the dark experience into light.  And if you have transformed then become the teacher.  Learn to embrace the death and dying part in order to be reborn. We are in the betwix stage,  a time right before Spring where we commune with spirit, and during Spring will be our resurrection.  Can you do your own thing and remain with that spark while the structures around you collapse?  This New Moon asks you to HONOR you originality and embrace your WEIRD!

uranusMoon in Aquarius is a time to work with issues of:  friendship, hopes, dreams, brotherhood, intuition, favors, inventiveness, genius, astral travel.  It’s the best time to work with issues involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem solving, extra sensory abilities, friendship, and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions.  Healing rituals done for ailments of calves, ankles, or blood are done at this time.


“I am unique.  I serve through my own individuality…Through my gifts and my talents… May they manifest now.”

~Michelle Grace Lessirard


If you are curious to learn more then please Check out Michelle Grace Lessirard and her amazing New Moon New Me teleclass.  Every month she takes you through the lunar dance and doing her challenge of working with the New moon for a season will truly change your life.


Sun in Cancer


On the 21st of June, the Sun moved into the zodiac sign of Cancer.  It takes the Sun a year to complete it’s cycle through the zodiac wheel.  Every month it moves into a different sign and it will remain in Cancer until July 21st.  The Sun is like the President in our charts.  It represents our conscious mind in astrology.  It is our will to  live and our creative life force.  The Sun affects our mental and physical state and affects human consciousness.  The sign of Cancer is a water sign.  Water signs are considered to be feminine, emotional, sensitive, instinctive, receptive, and are connected to their feelings.  This sign is ruled by the Moon and the Moon is in charge of children and rules our emotions and habitual responses, how we feel and express our feelings.

Cancer is like the Supreme Mother nurturer energy.  Every sign has a key phrase and Cancer being that of “I feel’.  It is the “sensitive guardian”.  When the Sun moves into the sign of cancer, things may get a little moody and emotions tend to run deep because of our heightened emotional sensitivity.  The Cancer Sun exposes our emotions and lays bare our vulnerabilities.  We become self-protective and a bit introverted.  Socializing takes a backseat and instead we prefer quiet nights at home and even taking a trip down memory lane.

When the Sun is in cancer, you crave “roots”.  You want to feel as if you have a strong sense of family, a good support system, and a place to call home.  Our attention tends to our “nests”, our families, our home, and anything that makes us feel “at home”, safe and secure.  Not only for ourselves, but we also strive to make a sanctuary of safety and security for everyone else in our home.  Food and family become very important during this time, as they provide an opportunity to nurture one another and gives us the most basic of unconditional love.  Nurturing and taking care of our loved one and our pets come into focus.  Therefore, you will be more nurturing and caring of others and you expect the same in return.

sun in cancer