Things to do Sun in Sagittarius

sagittarius sign

Things to do while the Sun is in Sagittarius

  1. Seeing and believing the best in people
  2. Widen your perception
  3. Travels of all kind
  4. Go to church, temple, or other religious ceremony
  5. Connect wit your personal truth
  6. Write a statement of your personal philosophy
  7. Go on a retreat
  8. Do energy work to clear and heal your throat chakra
  9. Perform energy work to remove all family karma
  10. Meditate on farther reaching answers
  11. As for new creative ways to do the mundane
  12. Add more playfulness and exploration
  13. Go back to school or start looking into them… go check out a University or college of interest
  14. Be more adventurous
  15. Talk to people you haven’t spoken to in a while
  16. Do things out of the norm or routine

Spring Resurrection Mediation

cocoonThis meditation was inspired by Spring and the death and rebirth process of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  We all have, are, or will go through our own personal transformation.  I believe that for us humans, it’s not just a one time thing as we continue to evolve in our lives.  For some of us we will undergo several life changing transformations.  For some, we were sort of pushed in that process, and now we are here and we kinda have to see it through all the way.  While other times, we may have been desiring it are ready for it and can celebrate it.  Regardless of where you are, at  this particular moment, let it be a moment of much hope, love, and compassion  for you and on your journey.

There will be the use of color, symbolism, and visualization for this meditation.  In magick we use symbolism and the symbols hold magic.  When we understand these symbols at their core, their meaning holds much more value, depth, and power.  The symbols for this mediation are colors, visuals, and specific movements with your hands.  At the beginning of the meditation raise your hands up and point your hands together as to form a sealed cocoon.  For more of an effect you can tie visuals to specific words.

  Such as:raised hands

  • Love – Pink
  • Rainbow – Bliss
  • Sparkles – Magic
  • Glow – Zeal or Blessing
  • Iridescent – Spirit
  • Shimmer – Sexy or Attraction
  • Glitter – Grace



Resurrection Meditation

In light of Spring…  In light of the death and rebirth process in nature….  In honor of our own death and rebirth process, this is the time where we acknowledge and nurture our very own transformation.

So please take a deep breath as you connect to ALL That Is and slowly raise your arms up, as we go within and retreat into our very own cocoon. Now that we are here.. What is it that you want to create or do?….  What is it now that you want to become or embody?….  What would you like to experience or have?….

And as you breathe out… you are releasing any inner critic or critical parent that you may have.  With every breath you breathe out…. you are letting go of any forms of resistance, guilt, any doubt, shame, or fear you may have… so that it dissipates along with the OLD YOU….  Keep breathing in LIFE!

Take another deep breath….And as you breathe in, breathe in the healing and support that these colors are offering.  What color do you need?….  What color has come to assist you?  And with every breath you take in, you are aligning with your highest aspect…..  With every breath, you are breathing in LIFE!  LIFE, to your new being, LIFE to your goals and dreams, LIFE to your body.

Please feel free to add whatever you need in this moment in life.  Whether it’s Sparkles for Magick, Rainbow for Bliss, Iridescent for Spirit, Shimmer for Attraction, Glow for Zeal, or Glitter for Blessings and Grace.

And now it is time for your emergence! It is now time to break out of your cocoon and emerge as a NEW BEING.   As we slowly start to lower our arms back down to our sides…. FEEL the NEW YOU emerging….THRIVING and ARRIVING!  And so it is!!

cupped hands

Spring Equinox

hello spring

Spring Equinox, also called the Vernal Equinox, marks the first day of spring, occurring on March 20th, 2015.   The Earth usually has a tilted orbit around the sun but on the equinoxes the tilt of the Earth’s axis is neither leaning toward nor leaning away from the Sun.   Also occurring, the Earth’s equator is perfectly aligned with the center of the Sun.  From this day on, the sun will continue its journey on North in the sky, in the Northern hemisphere, inching towards summer, and will sink lower in the sky in the Southern Hemisphere, inching towards winter.  Which means that because we live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s Spring to us but in the Southern Hemisphere things are backwards so it would be the Autumn Equinox over there.

During the Spring Equinox and the Autumn Equinox the Sun moves across the equator.   Both time this crossing occurs the Sun rises exactly due East and sets exactly due West.  At both Equinoxes the noonday sun shines overhead the equator making it the longest days of the year.  On the Equinox the Earth and the Sun are in perfect balance and harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres and centered between Earth and Sky.  This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.

spring sunThe word equinox means “equal night” and it refers to a time when the period of daylight and the period of darkness are equal amounting to 12 hours each.  In reality it refers to an instant in time in which the Earth is tilted neither toward nor away from the Sun.  The Sun actually rises a little earlier and sets a little later, causing the observed equinox to precede the true equinox by a few days in the Spring and in Autumn it follows by a few days (which will be on March 17 this year in 2015).  Only on the equinox does the Sun move in a perfect straight line across the sky.  The Sun normally has a curving path but on the Spring Equinox the solar track is laser straight.

Thus you can use this day to “orient” yourself.  The term “orient yourself” originally arose because if you knew which way the orient lay you could correctly point east.  The point the Sun occupies creeps westward among the stars.  Two millennia ago it was in the constellation Aries.  Which is why during the Spring Equinox the Sun is attributed to transitioning into the Aries constellation.  In the year 69 B.C. however, it moved into Pisces where it has been ever since.  The 25,780 year precessional wobble in our axis is the culprit for this.  We have another 600 years where we will be back in harmony.

birds singingAccording to Lipstick Mystic, when an area of the world goes from the cold, dead winter time and emerges into Spring , this marks a time where stronger Earth “chi” starts to flood through the land.  As this happens birds start to wake up or return from their yearly migration and begin to sing.  That strong sound vibration from their singing  “wakes up” the plants and trees, which start to bud.  This process sends a message to the devas, the guardians of nature, to become activated from their “winter sleep”.  As they awake they start giving life force energy and love to the things that are growing and to the animals having babies.

There is a lot of free floating positive energy going around at this time.  The Wise ones of long ago realized that the Spring Equinox was when  these energies were at their strongest, kicking off the Spiritual new Year.  This is a time to make fresh starts, plant seeds, and begin new projects because there is a huge amount of enhancing, strengthening, and heightening energy which will make these tasks easier.  It’s also a good time to pray or meditate and connect with your guides, power animals, or the devas in your neighborhood and open up a loving and respective dialogue with them.  Your psychic senses will be amplified so it will be easier to communicate or you can ask for some psychic dreams because it’s easier to pick up those messages in a dream.

Keywords during the Spring solstice are:  beginning, beauty, balance, innocence, orient yourself, renewal, healing, and growth.   

This is a good time to perform rituals to plant your dreams or to bless seeds and eggs.  You can also perform rituals to bring in balance into your life.

Click here to find our sun rise and set times for the year.



Words of Power


Whether you are doing simple affirmations, heartfelt prayers, or holding a ritual or ceremony take time before to prepare so that you go in more clear.

  • Before you make your request, make sure that you are absolutely certain you desire what you are seeking for.
  • Make sure that it will bring harm to none.
  • Be absolutely specific with your words and requests.
  • The less general you are and more specific you are will create a space for faster and clearer deliverance.
  • See it through.  Visualize what it will look like.  What would it feel like?  How would you feel like if you had it.

Performing a ritual or ceremony is very sacred and should be performed and with absolute care and awareness.  Here are some tips to provide a cleaner and powerful space.

  • Prepare your sacred space, either by burning white sage or whichever herb blend or exercise you use.
  • Call in the energies you work with to assist you.
  • Perform your ritual and go with your gut instinct.
  • Only ask for what you are ready to receive.
  • Close the ceremony accordingly so your personal space stays clean.
  • After the ceremony is performed, believe that the Universe has heard you and is working on your behalf for your favor.

The words that you use hold a lot of power and have a huge impact on how it can affect you on what you magnetize.  Start your intention statement with specific words of power that will guarantee better success such as:freedom

  • “I create”
  • “I am”
  • “I choose”
  • “I am in the process of”

For healing ceremonies it’s important to be precise and positive.  What would it feel like, look like, be like for you if you were already healed?  Say phrases like “Thank you for bringing me the perfect practitioner who will help me.” OR “Thank you for my happy, healthy shoulder” Instead of “Please help me get the pain out.”


End your intention statements with specific words of power that promote smoother results such as:

  • Ease; effortlessness
  • Let it be so easy that I laugh about it
  • Grace; bliss
  • Synchrinosity; harmony
  • Love; Pink Light, color
  • Smooth out the way/path/day before me
  • Make it a pleasurable experience
  • Ask for it to be for the most benevolent outcome for all those involved





What is God?

eye of god

All cultures have their own deities whom they have worshiped from the beginning of time.  There are so many different beliefs and cultures out there which have been implanted on society from so long ago that we just repeat them like myths without us ever really Knowing them and who they Really are.  It’s like this show I used to watch.  Most of the show is about this one prophecy that has been around in caves from the beginning of time.  It is really important and revelant to their lives.  Well, when it came time for the prophecy to be fulfilled, the truth was exposed that the whole time it had been made up by the “bad guys” for their own hidden agenda.  What a shock to find out that the story you have been told your whole life has been a lie.

When you hold a ritual, perform any magick work, make affirmations or prayers I advise to only use and work with the energies, guides, and deities that you work with and are comfortable with on a regular basis.  Feel out their energies first before you start calling upon deities or guides.  Ask for the real “__________”(whatever the name of the deity or guide is).  There are imposers out there who pretend to be the real thing but are not.  Test the waters first before diving in.   Always know what you’re getting yourself into because they don’t always have your best interest in mind.  Research as much as you can about it too before making your conclusion.

spiritualHonestly, most of these deities, gods, masters and so on are just aliens, astral beings, or anti-love, anti-life entities who claim to be something they are not whom don’t really have our best interest in mind because they have their own secret agenda. When in reality they are stealing your energy and you are inviting and allow them to do so and use you as puppets to do their dirty work and control your life.  Instead I would advise to go within.  You have the connection to that “Eternal Spark“.  That which has a thousand names yet still remains nameless.  Go “within” and not “up” to connect to that Eternal Spark because when you go up you could accidentally connect to some nasty beings instead.  You want to empower yourself not give your power away.  Sure they may know how to pull a rabbit out of their hats and perform a few misleading tricks here or there to have us believe they are “It” but you know better now.

Actually, what you should do is take a moment and ask yourself “What is god?”  What do I believe in?  Try to put aside everything you have been told or taught about who god is and seriously contemplate on what that means to you.  What are your beliefs?  Most deities in every culture share a similar story but with different names or experiences but the bottom line is the same.  It’s basically the same story being recycled from one culture to the next from thousands of years ago.  Question everything..

spiritual amnesiaUse practices to connect but tweak it a little bit to make room for your new belief.  For example,  After you are more clear on what god means to you make up your own name for what you thing god is and use that when you are praying, affirming, calling upon, or connecting to.   Seriously, because when you are calling upon a deity the name will come with attachments.  When you use your name for what you think god is, it will be a more personal, clearer, and direct connection.  In order to make it more powerful and give you the certainty, you have to keep connecting to it and be just like a child, bright eyes who is open to learn.  Keep connecting to strengthen your understanding, relationship, and bond.  You have to build that inner knowing, unless you are already one that knows… xoxo…  That’s how your gonna move mountains and if you have already done it then know that it was you all along who called that into your life, your prayers, your mindset, your power through your mind and focused intention.

Focus on building your own power.  Clear and remove any false gods, entities, beliefs, contracts that you have made with them through all dimensions, realities, space, and time and ask for the void to be replaced with more of your authentic self or your Eternal self.  Love yourself more.  Also, when you invoke beings and call them your “Lords”, “Masters”, or “Gods”, this gives them permission to retain ownership over you.  Don’t call on white light or use any rays because white light is like a Neon light that sends a message to these nasty beings saying “Come and get me I’m over here.  I am inviting you into my field and space.”  Stick with more natural stuff like color.  Use color energy/therapy instead for your visualizations, rituals or healing work.  Trust yourself more.  Connect to the Sun, the Earth or as I call her “Mama Flora” and the Universe.  Connect to you, your inner knowing.

blissHonor life.  Honor your life.  Many religions and practices promise of a perfect place where it is heaven after this life, which are really suicidal beliefs because it makes you uncomfortable being here therefore you no longer want to be here…hint, hint.. You can’t wait to not be here any longer.   When in reality we have to bring the heaven down to Earth not the other way around.  Ask for a day of Heaven on Earth for you and your family.  Ask for it to be a world of  utopia in the world you live in now.  Why should you have to check out of this life to experience a life and world full of utopia and bliss? Our Universe is that of Love, Expansion, and Creative energy.  Ask to connect to it and bring it into your life and our world.


spiritual being

The Sun

the sun

It takes the Sun a whole year to complete its cycle through the wheel of the zodiac.  Every month it transits from one sign to the next in our astrological wheel.  As the Sun enters a new zodiac sign, we are being bombarded with a new energy.  Every month we will be impacted differently, according to whatever sign the Sun is in.

How is it possible that something so far away can ripple through space and time and affect us all the way down here?  Scientific studies have found that our body’s electromagnetic energy field is impacted in less than 10 seconds by a solar flare.  It affects us on a subtle energetic level.  Many of us are not even aware of it.  Some of us do feel something but just don’t know what it is or where it came from.  As the saying goes… “As Above So Below”.  For thousands of years people of all cultures have mapped the stars and the sky, learning to read the signs.  They understood the importance of being aligned with the Universe and the use of knowing this ancient Art.

The Sun is the very essence and energy of life.  It is the giver of life.  It represents our conscious mind in Astrology.  It represents our will to live and our creative life force.  It is the manifestation of will, power, and desire.  The sun has an affect on our overall vitality and affects us on a communal level.  Every month, as the Sun moves into a different sign of the zodiac, it points in the direction of what we should be focusing on depending on that specific energy.  It lights up our sky, lighting the way for us, gently guiding us through the year.

sunConnecting to the Sun will offer a farther reaching answer.  The Sun affects our mental and physical state.  It affects our human consciousness.  Studies conducted in Russia  discovered that solar geomagnetic activity affects our moods, behavior patterns, creativity, and trends.  The solar flares and photon waves are changing the very fabric of our reality as they have a dramatic effect on our physical level.  While it may affect each of us a bit differently from one sign to the next, a general mood prevails during each transit.

Aquarius 2nd New Moon

aquarius new moon

Okay, so we had a New Moon in Aquarius last month as the Moon was just entering Aquarius.  This month it will be at the end of Aquarius, as it’s making it’s way into Pisces.  This New Moon will bring out any issues you have towards being your original self.  It will ask you to clean up the muck around hiding your originality.  Working with the New Moon you learn to embrace your shadow self; All those things you don’t want to see. The New Moon is such an opportunity to clear out any longstanding issues you may have.

The Aquarius New Moon is all about the intuitive rebel; the “Agents of change“,  as Michelle Grace Lessirard will put it.  Aquarius is the water bearer and is a fixed air sign.  It is ruled by the planet Uranus which carries an electric energy that seems to wake things up.  It brings an awakening of our awareness.  Aquarius is the originator of new ideas; it is that spark of mind.  Aquarius people are those who have been way ahead of the pack while everyone else is just starting to catch up now.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Uranus is known for bringing out sudden radical events in your life that dramatically change things from there on out.

Aquarian energy is friendly, humanitarian, hopeful, spiritual, uplifting, and individualistic.  The Moon in Aquarius brings a time of intellectual exploration and friendliness.  When the Moon is in Aquarius favors unusual or radical undertakings, social pursuits, group projects, trying something new, or joining a group.  People may respond to the world through their intellect rather than emotions and physical action.  This sign brings new ideas to the world and represents consciousness and the flowing of ideas.  As the visionaries of the zodiac. Aquarians are humanitarian and philanthropists.  Thus, while the Moon passes through Aquarius, people will be friendly and concerned for the welfare of others.  Additionally, people will be very aware of their need for freedom to explore new ideas that may be unconventional and unusual.

In Aquarius, you want to connect with that original spark.  Your original light that you came to teach and share.  What are you being called to wake people up at?  When you get with somebody magic happens; What is your magick?  Sometimes, our message that we came to share with the world is often times buried within our mess and our drama, trauma.  Find it, whatever it is.

For the past 2 years Pluto and Uranus have been squaring off.  So there has been this sort of push and pull energy.  Pluto takes things apart, it asks you to transform, while Uranus wakes things up.  Where were you hurt?  Transform the dark experience into light.  And if you have transformed then become the teacher.  Learn to embrace the death and dying part in order to be reborn. We are in the betwix stage,  a time right before Spring where we commune with spirit, and during Spring will be our resurrection.  Can you do your own thing and remain with that spark while the structures around you collapse?  This New Moon asks you to HONOR you originality and embrace your WEIRD!

uranusMoon in Aquarius is a time to work with issues of:  friendship, hopes, dreams, brotherhood, intuition, favors, inventiveness, genius, astral travel.  It’s the best time to work with issues involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem solving, extra sensory abilities, friendship, and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions.  Healing rituals done for ailments of calves, ankles, or blood are done at this time.


“I am unique.  I serve through my own individuality…Through my gifts and my talents… May they manifest now.”

~Michelle Grace Lessirard


If you are curious to learn more then please Check out Michelle Grace Lessirard and her amazing New Moon New Me teleclass.  Every month she takes you through the lunar dance and doing her challenge of working with the New moon for a season will truly change your life.


Entities and Energies

ghosts 1

Everyone should get a smudging done every once in a while.   Getting a smudging done is considered to be kind of  like a “spiritual house cleaning”.  It is advisable to get a clearing done to move any heavy, negative, or stagnant energy, after you have been depressed, experienced grief, anger for some time, sick, had a really bad argument with somebody, or even after you have been around somebody who is angry, depressed, or sick. The energy may get stuck making it unable to move freely or you can even pick up negative(heavy) energy or entities from people, places, surgery, drugs, and even objects.  There are 4 basic kinds of energies or entities which we are familiar with, being  either internal (your own creations) or external (that come from outside of you and have attached themselves to you or even one of your own personal entity).

  1. Personal Entity:  An internal entity that you have created to help you with some specific problem.  You created these around a specific traumatic or emotional event. They are little creations of yours; more like a clone of you, programmed at the age  you were when the casual event occurred.  For example:  If growing up, you as a girl, saw, experienced, or felt that your brothers got more attention or maybe they were able to do what they wanted with less stipulations and repercussions, you would then create a personal entity to make sure you would receive more attention or benefits.  The problem with these, is that their behavior is much like the age that they were created.  So if you created them as an angry 10 year old girl, then they will continue to behave as an angry 10 year old girl, thus being our “behavioral”  issues.  Ever wonder why sometimes you act like a child?  These can not be removed, instead they have to be evolved.
  2. Emotional:  These are external entities that come from large clumps of unexpressed emotions.  They are often a result of mass consciousness’ activities such as war, war crimes, violence, sexual perversion, racial discrimination, famine, fatal epidemic diseases, misconduct, or any kind of large-scale suffering.  These emotions could be anger, rage, grief, or a very specific kind of rage or grief such as grief over the loss of a child.  They could be sexual in nature and can inhabit an area like a beach or motel room where certain kinds of activity commonly occur.  They can migrate from individuals and collect into “group expressions”, and eventually becoming self-aware entities.  And being that like attracts like they tend to gravitate towards people who are carrying the same unexpressed energy that this group is formed around.  They could also affect your pets.
  3. ghost 2Family:  An external entity derived from chunks of family members’ energy that have broken off and have been traded with a broken-off piece of you.  These exchanges tend to occur when quite young and have determined that the other person could do something for you.  This “parts exchange” is generally with someone close to you, such as a sibling, parent, or a close caregiver.  A family entity rushes in to ‘do’ a job for you so you don’t have to struggle with it anymore to do it.
  4. Discarnate:  External entities who were at one time a person.  They are individuals who have died and don’t know it or have chosen to stick around to finish some kind of work.  These we know as ghosts.

If you are housing an external entity or entities, as there could be multiple ones being occupied by you, it is your responsibility to exercise your authority and kick them out.  You may also expel others’ entities that you notice or that are bothering you.  We no longer have to cohabitate with them as you are the only person who should be occupying your body.  Sometimes an external entity may be attached to an internal entity so you must first clear the external entity before you can evolve the internal entity to its most mature form.
reweaving fabric book

If you wish to know or learn more about this I highly recommend reading “Reweaving the Fabric of your Reality” by Maureen St. Germaine.