Activities for the Summer Solstice


The Summer Solstice is all about the Sun and it’s brilliance.  Here are a couple of activities to do during this time.

  • Paint candles and fake fruit gold and leave to charge under the Summer Solstice Sun.  That way during dark times or scarce moments they will serve to remind you of the light and abundance that is forthcoming.  Visuals sometimes speak to us in a more subconscious way and can access a part of our mind that is forbidden to the logical mind.
  • Clean and charge water, objects or crystals under the Summer Solstice Sun, especially the crystals related to the Sun, to capture the bright and cheery essence of the Sun along with it’s full power.
  • Make a mandala out of flowers, crystals, and/or stones.
  • Make a wicker man out of twigs or the stems from harvested plants.  You can tie ribbons of things you are grateful for or of completion around the wicker man and throw them in the bonfire.
  • Make and charge protection amulets under the Sun.
  • Harvest protection herbs during high noon.
  • Watch the Sun rise.
  • Make a bonfire.
  • Sun bathe during the day.
  • Perform spells, ceremonies, or prayers regarding abundance, protection, relationships, enlightment, fertility, and gratitude for living on Earth.
  • Perform a Fire spell.
  • Salute the Sun yoga poses.
  • Light yellow, gold, and orange candles.
  • Make decorations and crafts using dry citrus fruits and flowers.
  • Use oranges as candle holders for your ceremonies or celebrations.
  • Use citrus essential oils for meditation or aromatherapy.
  • Great time to start habits and create changes that will be long lasting.
  • Make a sun wheel.