Things to do Samhain

pumpkin samhain blessing

There are several things to consider doing during this time of the year.

  1. Take a meditative walk in a natural area near your home.  Experience yourself as part of the Circle of Life and reflect on death and rebirth as being an important part of Nature.
  2. Contemplate on what things have to die in your life so that other areas can live…ex:  habits, relationships, past, guilt, anger, grief, fear….  Then call forth what you want to replace it with.. self-control, positive outcome and future, love, joy, peace, etc….Meditate on it.
  3. Look for signs of death on your nature walk…. fallen leaves, fallen branches, flowers dying,etc..
  4.  You can do a genealogy research.
  5. Ancestors Altar: Gather photographs, heirlooms, and other momentos of deceased family, friends, and companion creatures.   Arrange them on a table, dresser, or other surface.
  6. Prepare a Samhain dinner.  Include a place setting at your table or nearby the altar of any deceased loved one.  Add an offering of each beverage and food being served to the extra place setting.  Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones who come in love to come dine with you.  After the feast, place the contents of the plate and cup outside in a natural location as an offering for your deceased loved ones.  You don’t want them to get to comfortable inside and decide to stay.
  7. Ancestor stories:  Learn about family history.  Contact one or more older relatives and ask them to share memories  of deceased family members.  Record them in some way and later write accounts of what they share.  Share what you have learned and have written with other family members and friend.  Feel free to share any of your favorite stories of the deceased loved ones as well and invite your kids and friends and family to share.
  8. Recall any of the characteristics, strengths, or attributes of your deceased loved ones that you can learn from or admire.  Go around in a circle or perform as a private meditation.
  9. Cemetery Visit:  Visit and tend the gravesite of a loved one at a cemetery.  Call to mind memories and consider ways the loved one continues to live on with you.  Place an offering of fresh flowers, dried herbs, or water.
  10. Do meditations to release the fear of death and just be at peace with it.  Envision when the time comes that it is a graceful and painless experience and you will have left this place fulfilled and happy with the life you have lived.  Where you view it as a transition into a lovely beginning of something wonderful and not just the end.
  11. Do a meditation where you try to contact a deceased loved one for guidance or to be at peace with their passing on.
  12. Divinatory Guidance:  Using Oracle cards, runes, scrying, or some other form of divination, seek and reflect on guidance for the year to come.  Write a summary of your experience and any messages received.  Select something appropriate to act upon and do it!  Give Thanks for the messages received!
  13. Sit outside and just marinate in the Samhain energy.
  14. Meditate on your positive transformation and the positive changes you can do that will promote it.  Make a list.  Look for new habits and things to do or people to hang out with.

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What’s the BIG deal with Gratitude & Thankfulness??

gratitude6I know you have heard it before.  To be grateful and thankful for everything you have in order to truly be happy or wealthy. Even though to you, your situation  seems  terrible and all you really thinking is “How can I be grateful for this?” ” How is that really going to change my situation one bit?”   It still feels that way for me too at times.  We are all continually learning on this journey called Life.   What I have come to discover is that true happiness and abundance all comes from the inside.  I know how this may all  sound so cliche and it’s probably not the first time you have heard it before.  Almost all of us are defined by our external worth instead of our internal value.  I have beat my head against the wall for years feeling like it was impossible to go through this invisible barrier that wouldn’t let me break past certain limits in life, financially,  in my goals, or even to feel happy.  Thinking to myself, “If only I had more money. ” ” If only this was different.” “Then finally I would truly be happy.”  I now know that it doesn’t work that way though.  The change that has to take place for you to receive that must come from the inside first.

“Why is that?”  You ask.  I know… It’s because thoughts plus the driving force, which is feeling, is what creates our reality.  We have to make a total mind shift to recognize what has been in front of us for so long.  We have to think what we are feeling and feel what we are thinking in order to affect our state of being.  If you don’t think different thoughts, then you can’t feel that certain way and if you don’t feel that way, then you can’t stop thinking about what you’re feeling.  So we get caught in this hamster wheel in our habitual state of being.  So in order to get off that undesirable merry-go-round we must first think differently and then watch as our reality changes.  It can be challenging though as through time we have become creatures of nature, but if you push through things will change.  So we must first start with gratitude and thankfulness.  When you change the energy of unhappiness or lack and direct it somewhere else like to gratitude and thankfulness, you are now magnifying the energy of gratitude and thankfulness instead of lack and misery.   Resulting in an increase of things in your life to be happy and grateful for, or to even see the grace in everything and every situation.

So what does that all mean?  Simply put your external world is a reflection of your internal world.  I am all about personal growth and I saw an amazing video of Vishen Lakhini, owner of Mind Valley, give a presentation on the keys he uses to run his business which is what inspired us to create a new blog where we can log our Gratitude and Thankfulness on a regular basis.  This has allowed me to reflect and take note of all the things in my life to be grateful and thankful for.  Even those small things that we usually take for granted.  I hope to inspire others as I have been inspired to work more with the energy of gratitude and thankfulness to bring more of it in their lives.  It is so simple and easy to do yet it can be challenging for most to change their focus and give attention to something positive when all we are accustomed to doing is giving energy to the negative.  This is where we must  push past our comfort zone with determination and conscious control. Only then will we allow the energy of transformation to flow through us and our daily lives as we raise our vibration.    Good luck to you.   =)      You can do it!!