DIY Beauty


DIY Beauty

Become a spa guru and explore the more gratifying alternatives to your common beauty and pampering products.  Learn the techniques and tips to using earth friendly ingredients to make your skin naturally glow, your hair more lustrous, and your face more radiant.  There will be a demonstration on making make less toxic versions of body scrubs, face masks, hair therapy, toner,and acid peel.  You will learn how easy it is to replace your lotion, lip balm, and even the hair gel.  Our skin is the largest organ in the body.  Everything that it comes in contact with affects it to some degree.  Many of the beauty products have harmful ingredients and are made up of some pretty harsh chemicals.  It’s time to treat yourself royally!  Toss the bottled stuff and bring on the Mother Nature approved way.  There will be a sampling on some of the products for you to take home and try for yourself.

Presentation will last 2 hours

Price is $20

Check calender for scheduled classes, workshops, and events


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