DIY Cleaning

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DIY Cleaning

Workshop Coming soon…..

Know and Trust your ingredients.  Many of the cleaning products we use on a daily basis disrupts normal body reproduction, functions and abilities.  They are made up of some extremely hazardous materials and petro-chemicals which lead to all sorts of health defects and problems.  Learn to keep your house sparkly and spotless while keeping your health intact.  Protect yourself and your loved ones and help us keep our planet green.  There will be a demonstration on making natural polish spray, eco-friendly disinfectants,  bathroom cleaners, antibacterial sprays, glass cleaner, scouring spray  and you will see how easy it is to make a concoction to clean your tub, toilet, and kitchen appliances.  Find out helpful tips and directions to maintaining a mold free home, removing stains and other alternatives to explore when wanting to freshen up your home.  Take home samples to begin using at your home.

Workshop will last 2 hours

Cost is $20

Check the calendar for posted workshops, classes, and events


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