Taste of the Seasonsseasons

As the wheel turns, the cycles of the Earth changes along with it.  Almost every month we will honor the Nature Cycles celebrated by many cultures throughout the world and from the earliest of times.  Delight, Partake in Ritual, and enjoy in a tasting of culinary surprise.


Celebrate and Elevatesocial gathering

Once a month we gather for a potluck evening as a way to reach out to the community.  Join conscious people and be surrounded by supporting and inspiring individuals for the day.  A time to network, interact, feast, and be heard.  The mood is light and the vibe is right.  Bring a dish and join us.  =)


Illumination Circle


This year we are blessed with alchemy and magic as wands & tools for transformation.  There will be an opportunity for breakthroughs on demand depending on how ready you are to surrender what’s been holding you down or stuck in a loop pattern.  Are you ready for the answers to move you UP and forward in your life?  Are you stuck & ready for a breakthrough to live your brilliance?  Do you want to take advantage of the power this year holds to create your desires?  Are you ready to walk through the portal of greater possibilities? Everyone will receive what they need whether it’s answers, healing, clearing, support, expansion, elevation for your next level of adventure!  



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